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A final look at what's happening in the open source software world for 2017 PHOTO: Rob Bye

WordPress 4.1 has arrived, and it’s a substantial update.

Named after jazz musician Billy Tipton, WordPress 4.1 “Tipton” has received enhancements for site building, workflow management, coding and widgets. WordPress users can now draft and schedule website re-designs via Customizer, as well as collaborate with others using shareable preview links. Plus, there’s more reliable theme switching, a new gallery widget and you can now add media to text widgets with just a click of a button.

For developers, WordPress now provides syntax highlighting and error checking, so you no longer need a fine tooth comb to spot your code typos. 

In other open source news ... 

SilverStripe 4 Is Alive

Last month, we covered SilverStripe’s long awaited stable release of SilverStripe 4.0.0.

With over 220 modules updated and ready to boost the platform’s functionality, SilverStripe is now inviting users to build their projects using SilverStripe 4, which also boasts deliberate investments into foundational work like ReactJS and the improved versioning model as well as dogfooding a more decoupled approach by using GraphQL. Improvements to the admin dashboard are also noticeable with a more polished UI and steps towards a responsive admin interface.

Magnolia Goes Headless Hybrid

Magnolia 5.6 is here and it has turned Magnolia into a “headless hybrid CMS.”

According to a Magnolia’s Product Manager Christopher Zimmerman, “a hybrid headless is a fancy name for a simple concept: use a full CMS which also serves its content directly via REST API, and manages clean, presentation-independent content.”

In other words, Magnolia has combined and integrated the UI and content editing experience of a traditional CMS with the REST delivery of a headless CMS, giving marketers the ability to create web experiences with live previews, and developers the power to deliver content to any channel.

Other improvements in Magnolia 5.6 include content tags that enable better personalization and targeting as well as the Stories app, an authoring interface that provides a great UX and the power to create rich content, while still delivering clean JSON.


Following the acquisition of DNN by ESW Capital, DNN’s new leadership team has focused on growing the open source platform and ecosystem. New CEO Andy Tryba posted a 3-month reflection and announced the creation of four DNN Ecosystem Advisory Groups: Technology, Developers, Partners and Awareness. Shaun Walker, the original creator of DNN (DotNetNuke) will lead the Technology Advisory Group.

In related news, DNN announced that it joined the .NET Foundation and open sourced its automation framework with source code available at GitHub under the repository "Dnn.Automation.UI." Now that’s dedication to the open source world.

eZ Platform Version 2 Nearing Beta Stage

eZ Systems are closing in on the release of eZ Platform version 2.

According to Amit Golan-Gutin, eZ Systems’ Product Marketing Manager, its primary goal with the release of eZ Platform 2 is to, “make our software easier and faster to develop on.”

The company hopes to reach that goal by meeting the following requirements:

  • Increase the development speed for both our own developers (when developing new features for eZ Platform) and the whole community (when customizing or extending eZ Platform).
  • Significantly increase the speed of our U.I. to improve the editorial experience.
  • Reduce the learning curve and facilitate adoption for new developers.
  • Facilitate the customization of the administration interface.

Joomla 4.0 On The Horizon

With Joomla 4.0 Alpha 1 available for download, Joomla 4.0 is edging very close to a stable release.

It will bring about the following:

  • Removal of deprecated functions from Joomla 3.x.
  • Reworked installer for a quicker and more intuitive user experience.
  • New templates using Bootstrap 4.
  • Reworked Application for Consoles.
  • Integration of Joomla Framework packages.

Drupal 8.4 Released

Drupal 8.4 is now available, and it brings about a new Media API that provides a "base media entity." This means that all assets — local images, PDF documents, YouTube videos, tweets and so on — are revisable, extendable (fieldable), translatable and much more. It allows all media to be treated in a common way, regardless of where the media resource itself is stored. This translates into a more cohesive content authoring experience because you can use the same tools for different media types.

Drupal 8.5 is also in development, and it’s hoped that support will be added for remote video, potentially using the oEmbed format. This will allow content authors to easily add items like YouTube videos to their posts.

Jahia to Present GDPR Stakes

On Dec. 5, Jahia will co-host a breakfast at the London-based BIMA Association, together with digital agency Tribal Worldwide.

The event aims to gather CTOs and other digital leads from agencies in London to present the stakes of GDPR and how Tribal, together with Jahia Marketing Factory can help them solve them for their customers.

You can register for the event on the BIMA website.

Nuxeo Ends the Year on a High Note

Following a successful third quarter, Nuxeo was recognized by professional services firm Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. The company ranked 467 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which ranked technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies.

The recognition came on the heels of an announced 287 percent growth in new license bookings and previous mentions in Aragon Research's, "Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management" report and placement as a visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms report

‘Tis Always the Season

We may be entering December, but the open source CMS machine is still whirring. Both Joomla and eZ Systems are preparing new versions, while SilverStripe 4 is finally with the thousands of developers who have not only been eagerly waiting for its release, but actively shaping the product itself.

Until next year!