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San Francisco-based Trapit is advancing its mission of delivering relevant and engaging content today with the release of a proprietary web content management system (Web CMS).

The company, which focuses on employee advocacy and social selling, said the CMS allows users to upload, organize, manage and publish assets without reaching for them in point solutions. 

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Company officials further claim that it sets Trapit apart: It's the only social selling platform with support for curated content from around the web as well as owned and proprietary content, Trapit CEO Hank Nothhaft Jr. told CMSWire.

"It's the completion of our content story. We're introducing a much more robust capability for companies to upload and management content. We can handle hosting on traditional assets as well," he said.

Convergence of Marketing & Sales

The platform update also allows marketing and sales teams to work in closer alignment, Nothhaft said. Marketers in the Trapit CMS can provide sales teams with pre-approved messaging and content (both company-created and third-party). Sales reps and employees can incorporate digital assets into their conversations with customers via email, messaging platforms​​ and social networks. 

"Instead of having to use disparate systems and another point solution for sales content management, we've built it into the same workflow and are using it to distribute other content," Nothhaft said. 

The Trapit CMS supports a range of file types from PDFs and audio files to images and videos. Users can organize content by topic, product, team, media type and customer stage. It also includes analytics, which allow customers to ​​measure engagement and then create reports that sales reps and employees can share in aggregate, by team, by individual and by network.  

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"We can provide general engagement metrics and report on it by team and individual so you can trace back to the individual sharing content instead of only looking at it on a broad level," Nothhaft said.

Trapit also expanded its content library to include expert-vetted sources in both French and Spanish so marketers can curate and sales reps can share a blend of company-created and third-party content in multiple languages.

Inside the Web CMS

Features of Trapit’s CMS include: 

  • Native content upload: manage owned assets and discover new content within the same system
  • Support for broad range of file types: upload PDFs, video, audio, images, Tweets and more 
  • One-step publishing: find content, schedule it and hit “send” 
  • File hosting: upload and store owned content within CMS
  • Batch or manual upload: drop owned content into the CMS, either in batches or one-by-one
  • Organization: group content by topic, product, team, media type and customer stage 
  • Multi-lingual content library: updated content library now includes vetted sources in Spanish and French 

"If you're a sales agent in a Spanish-speaking country, and you want to be able to curate content around say big data security, you're now able to get the assist from Trapit," Nothhaft said. "We'll hand pick related content and make it easier to share. We're the only player in our space that's able to provide that level of internationalization."