Web content management system (Web CMS) provider Kentico released the ninth version of its ASP.NET content management platform today. The release also includes updates to its e-commerce and online marketing capabilities. 

Company officials released the new offerings at Kentico's Connection User and Partner Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, the company's headquarters.

Karol Jarkovsky, Kentico director of product, said Kentico 9 features improvements that will help marketers and developers deploy websites faster, simplify the production of personalized content for content editors and capture more intelligence and insights from campaigns. 

"Companies now have the power to improve and refine their digital strategy," Jarkovsky said, "aligning it to the needs of their customers and creating unique user experiences.”

What's New Under the Hood

Improvements include: 

  • Continuous integration: Provides for continuous delivery, reduces the need for manual deployment, allows for detection of integration problems and helps reduce and prevent errors and loss of data
  • Integrated campaign management: Manage campaigns from a single, unified control panel. New reporting engine is accessible for campaign management and email marketing
  • ASP.NET model view controller (MVC support): MVC is a developer framework that helps companies build scalable websites. “As many people know,” said Kentico technology evangelist Bryan Soltis, “the .NET community is rapidly reshaping itself, and web forms is actually a waning development model. So this is absolutely the right direction for us to be going in”
  • Improved web farm support: Optimized for cloud deployments, including auto-scaling support
  • Modularization: Users can code between modules, and move modules in between projects. "Clients and partners can use code that they have written for one particular project and move it into another project just a little bit easier," said Soltis, who blogged about Kentico 9 advancements. "They can re-use that functionality without having to rewrite it”
screenshot of kentico 9

Revisiting Last Versions

Kentico's integrated marketing solution got its last major update in March of 2014. It included enhanced personalization and segmentation and what officials called a better user interface. At the time, Kentico officials touted its ability to provide a marketing experience in a single environment that integrates with real-time CRM and ERP data for personalization.

Kentico CMS 7, released in September of 2012, focused on the mobile customer experience. The goal with that release was to go beyond content management by providing a customer experience solution for those who need a SaaS-based platform in a .NET environment.