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The Drupal Association recently announced a new partnership with Google. With this partnership, both Google and Drupal aim at improving owner success, user experience, and building a more secure web altogether. To do that, Google and Drupal will roll out webinars and case studies to the Drupal Community and will gather feedback on the community's needs. Google will provide the community with collaborative programming tools and the chance to give input on Google tools and initiatives. 

Say Hello to WordPress 5.5.1

A few months after releasing WP 5.5 Eckstine, the open-source CMS followed up with version 5.5.1. This maintenance release features 34 bug fixes, 5 enhancements, and 5 bug fixes for the block editor. The new release corrects the bugs that affected WP 5.5, which means that it's a good idea to update if you're using 5.5. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that WordPress 5.5.1 is a short-cycle maintenance release. If you're looking for a major overhaul, you'll have to wait until 5.6. Check the full list of changes and fixes in the 5.5.1 documentation page.

More Open-Source News

TYPO3 released versions 10.4.9 and 9.5.22 of its CMS. The good news is that both versions are maintenance releases only and users don't need database upgrades if they wish to upgrade. In these versions, TYPO3 addressed some edge-case bugs and increased the length of the database files in those cases where database upgrades are needed.

Liferay announced the release of Liferay DXP 7.3, the new iteration of its DXP. The latest version extends Liferay's offerings and includes an API Explorer, streamlined content creation, an application builder and a new analytics engine. If you want to have a look at Liferay's new DXP, watch this webinar.

Finally, OpenCms released a new version of its software, OpenCms 11.0.2. This new release is a maintenance version of OpenCms 11. It includes an extended import/export solution, new list types, and some updates to the Docker image as well as the documentation and demo site. Read the release notes on OpenCms' website