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Web content management solutions provider Crafter Software announced a new live video streaming solution called, Crafter Video, which allows users to host 4K live streaming events of any size within minutes.

Using AWS Elemental Link — an encoding device released by Amazon Web Services — users can create a secure and personalized video portal that connects with AWS Elemental MediaLive. Moreover, Crafter Video enables this OTT video experience to be brand-customized and personalized for end-users.

After the live event is over, Crafter Video enables users to turn these streams into video on demand (VOD) assets. This new live video streaming solution is a cost-effective and scalable way for brands to broadcast, manage and repurpose their video content.

Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA3 Released

Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA3 is now available for download. New features include:

  • Supporting drop zones in fragments: Fragment developers can currently create fragments with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and embed specific widgets inside a fragment. However, in some cases more flexibility is desired since it's not always possible to predict which fragments (or widgets) will be needed inside a given fragment. Thanks to this new feature, it’s now possible to define a "drop zone" inside any fragment, allowing more composition options for both developers and non-technical business users.
  • Allowing developers to create fragments as a composition of other fragments: Liferay's new “fragment compositions” functionality allows a page creator to add a composition of fragments to a page. Each fragment can be handled independently; users maintain the freedom to configure, move, delete and add any fragment they wish.
  • URL redirection management for pages: Site admins can now create redirects from their sites to any valid URL. Both temporary and permanent redirects can be configured along with expiration dates to determine when a redirect will stop taking effect.

You can see a full list of new features in the official announcement. Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA3 can be downloaded here.

SeoSamba Adds SMS Support

SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, a product that combines an open-source CMS, shopping cart and CRM, has just added SMS support to its CRM component.

SeoToaster Ultimate CRM now lets users send one-off SMS messages from the product’s lead details screen. Furthermore, users can receive and log inbound SMS messages from contacts, which appear in the contact timeline.

Netlify Opens Build Plugins

Netlify has announced the general availability of Netlify Build Plugins. These tools make it easy for development teams to automate CI/CD workflows for JAMstack websites. The Netlify developers and community have created dozens of integrations for developers to choose from and install directly within the Netlify UI. There’s also an API available for developers to easily create their own custom plugins. In the past, they’d have to make changes to the build process, configure every command, validate every dependency, and write additional code to make the integration work. 

Now developers can choose from the currently available plugins and click install to enable them or follow a well-documented process to create their own. With Build Plugins open to developers, companies can leverage a CI/CD workflow designed for front-end developers, use build plugins that are reviewed by Netlify, and create custom plugins.

Netlify also announced the results of a first-time survey of 3,000 web developers to help understand the breadth of the JAMstack architecture.  According to Netlify, the survey results show the “benefits of JAMstack are performance, reliability and developer workflows ... one-third of respondents reported their JAMstack sites serve millions of users each year.” 

Notably, developers were also surveyed about a wide variety of tools and frameworks in the JAMstack ecosystem, including their usage, satisfaction and plans to use them in the future. Out of more than 20 CMS options, respondents reported the highest satisfaction with Sanity, Strapi, Dato, Forestry and Contentful. The open-source Netlify CMS project also received high satisfaction scores.

WordPress Block Editor

As of June 1, the editor will be retired. While more recent sites are most likely using the new WordPress block editor already, sites launched over a year and a half ago may need to make the transition.

The new editor features hundreds of blocks to mix and match when creating pages and a growing collection of pre-bundled block patterns. There are also dozens of built-in page templates. As the editor has been around for over a year now, there have been thousands of enhancements and fixes to offer a far better user experience than the previous editor.

If you think your site may be affected, click here for more info.

More Open-Source News

TYPO3 has made a slew of security releases available. Starting with TYPO3 6.2.49, 7.6.42 and 8.7.33 in early May, and TYPO3 v.6.2.50, 7.6.43 and 8.7.34 shortly after. 

These releases are meant to keep TYPO3 instances stable and running smoothly regardless of browser changes over time. That said, TYPO3 recommends users upgrade to the two current versions — TYPO3 v9.5 and v10.4 — as soon as possible.

Drupal released version 9.0.0-beta2 and has stated that nearly 1,700 contributed modules are already compatible with the upcoming major release. The community is gearing up to celebrate the release of Drupal 9 nearly five years after the last major release in 2015. Drupal believes this will be the easiest major version upgrade in over a decade.