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    15+ Static Site Generators to Complement Your Headless CMS

    As the headless CMS hype continues, brands are mulling over front-end solutions — experimenting with different heads for their headless CMS, if you will. Static site generators (SSGs) aren’t new by any means, but interest in them grows as the interest in headless and decoupled solutions grows.

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    How to Write a Killer Website Brief

    Here’s a good news-bad news scenario that I’ve encountered many times in my career designing and developing websites. See if it sounds familiar to you.

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    How to Create a Website That Converts: Key UX for Ecommerce

    There are certain ecommerce websites that make their shoppers comfortable, streamline the process and make it easy to buy. Then there are online stores that make visitors wary, are hard to use and don’t inspire trust.

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    15+ Flat-File CMS Options for Lean Website Building

    Search engines and humans alike are demanding faster and faster websites — particularly Google, which has a self-professed obsession with speed. Because of this widespread need for speed, flat-file content management systems (CMSs) have emerged as the go-to solution for startups and small businesses looking to quickly deploy lean websites.

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    3 Lessons From 5 Top Retail Websites

    Every website developer hopes to provide the best possible customer experience. This is especially important for retail sites, where positive customer experiences can immediately result in sales. However, most retail websites fall short of the mark.

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    If Oracle Wins, Can Your Business Freely Use APIs?

    Here’s the problem:  Absolutely every component of computer code is intended to be interoperable with something — usually, another such component. And most everyone who has ever composed such code would retain the right to decide what should be done with it, including whether that code is freely given away.

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