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  • Users vs. Technology: Who Runs the Innovation Racket?

    An interesting article in BusinessWeek poses an intriguing question: what is driving new media (think Web 2.0 and 3.0) -- content builders or technology developers? Because more people are blogging than are programming, BusinessWeek author Jon Fine suggests that "In the tug-of-war between the right-brain of media and the left-brain

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  • Proximic Enables Monetization for Web Publishers

    When I say "contextual content network," you say "pattern proximity." Got it? Contextual content network. (Pattern proximity!) Very good. Now what exactly does that mean? A start-up called Proximic has launched a network designed to overcome the limitations of contextual advertising technologies; that is, search and online advertising platforms based on keywords,

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  • SeeqPod Makes Musical Moments Marvelously Searchable

    Riding the hype of the Semantic Web (it isn't just around the corner; it will also make you blush), which Content Wrangler says will consist of "technologies that help people 'do stuff'," a geeky set of musicologists give us SeeqPod. In its own way, the concept is pretty clever.

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  • The Semantic Web Will Make You Blush

    There's a reason why dating will soon be dead: the Semantic Web. The universe would be hard pressed to find another who knows what you really want more than Nova Spivack, who's got a dream for artificial intelligence on the Web. Spivack, founder of Radar Networks, is getting

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