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  • headless snowman

    DNN Evoq 9 Embraces a Decoupled, Headless Architecture

    Evoq 9, the latest iteration of DNN’s web content management suite, moved the platform from monolithic to decoupled. It delivers omnichannel publishing via a microservices architecture.  Released today by San Mateo, Calif.

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  • Woman Covering Her Right Eye Using Her Right Hand during Daytime

    2016 Was a Very Good Year ... For WCM and DX Platforms

    Say what you want about 2016, the year many people would like to forget for oh so many reasons. But on a bright note, it was another busy year in the world of web content management (WCM) and related digital experience (DX) platforms.

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  • fortune 500

    Kentico Positions Kentico 10 as 'Enterprise-Ready' Web Content Management

    Kentico Software, a web content management (WCM) and digital experience platform provider, just released the 10th version of its flagship WCM platform. The update includes multiple functional improvements to improve speed and usability — features executives at the Brno, Czech Republic-based provider said better positions the platform for enterprise clients.

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  • Petr Palas

    Kentico’s New Cloud CMS Is Headless, Thoughtful and Affordable

    Kentico, a web content management (WCM) and digital experience platform provider, released the Kentico Cloud, an "API-first," multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering at its annual 404 Conference in Las Vegas last week. Kentico Cloud is comprised of three parts: Kentico Draft for authoring, Kentico Deliver for content delivery via an API

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  • Woman on rock platform

    A Beginner's Guide to Digital Experience: Throwback Thursday

    (As part of our Throwback Thursday series, we're resharing some essential information about digital experience (DX). A broad and evolving term, DX spans the range of experiences that people have with an organization's communications, products and processes on every digital touchpoint, from the web and mobile devices through wearables, beacons and facial recognition. Here's what you need to know.) Few things are more unsettling than falling asleep at a party and waking to discover you're all alone. Where did everyone go? Have I been left behind? Now extrapolate the issue to business and consider a practical but profound reality: If you've cobbled together your company's digital experience (DX) from

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  • BloomReach - Hippo

    BloomReach Acquires Hippo, Aims to Build 'Intelligent' DX Platform

    There's big news in the world of content management today as BloomReach, a machine-learning driven e-commerce personalization platform, acquires Hippo, an open-source enterprise content management provider.  The deal marries content and commerce in one "open and intelligent digital experience platform," according to BloomReach CEO Raj De Datta, co-founder of the

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  • web cms: monolithic or modular

    Gartner: Microservices Are Pulling WCM Into the Future

    Content marketers will continue to leverage web content management (WCM) technologies to facilitate the “best next digital experience” as monolithic infrastructures are replaced by more “modular, granular and atomic” technologies. That's the prediction from Gartner authors Mick MacComascaigh and Jim Murphy in their latest Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

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  • getting the boot

    Gartner Boots OpenText, SDL & HP From its WCM Leaders Quadrant

    Gartner trimmed OpenText, SDL and HP from the leader's quadrant in its latest industry report on web content management (WCM). Six other vendors — Sitecore, Adobe, Acquia, EPiServerIBM and Oracle  retained their spots on the leaderboard in the Stamford, Conn.

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  • fading sparkler

    Choosing a Web CMS Platform: How to See Beyond the Hype

    Anyone reading this article in the hopes of finding a cure-all for all your web content management woes, stop here. Choosing the right web content management system (CMS) is no guarantee of success.

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  • squeaky wheel - ongoing maintenance

    Why Buy a Web CMS If You Don't Plan to Maintain It?

    If a realtor told you to buy a new house every three to five years, you'd tell them to jump in a lake, no? Then why do we accept this same limited lifecycle for our web content management systems (web CMS)? This is the third in a series of four articles which looks into how

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  • long winding road

    Selecting a Web CMS for the Long Run

    No other enterprise system has the same three to five year churn that we see with web content management systems.  In many cases, the push to replace happens just after the three year mark, when you've finally embedded the CMS into the fabric of the larger organization.

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  • karate kick

    How to Break the Web CMS Replacement Cycle

    Our industry has accepted that it's perfectly normal to replace your web content management system every three to five years.

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  • trenches, just like the web cms trenches

    SDL, Blackboard Share Lessons from the Web CMS Trenches

    If anyone’s been through the web content management system trenches, it’s Jon Gold. The director of web strategy and design at Blackboard was part of the team that underwent a major web CMS transition and implementation project. Washington, D.C.-based Blackboard provides technology and services to help students learn.

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  • Why Converging Your Business Processes Is A Good Thing

    The information management landscape is a tremendously dynamic and exciting place to be these days. One big reason is because previously separate software markets are now merging.

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