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    Would You Buy a Used Public Cloud from VMware?

    “Our success,” reads VMware’s last quarterly report, filed in early August, “depends on our current and future customers perceiving technological and operational benefits and cost savings associated with the increasing adoption of our private and hybrid cloud solutions as well as our client virtualization and mobile device management solutions.

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  • VMWare Doesn't Want EMC?

    The press isn’t generally allowed into the cushy briefing rooms where Wall Street analysts get updated by corporate executives on a company’s future. At least not at tech conferences. VMworld, being held in San Francisco this week, was no different. But analysts do provide notes for their clients.

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    Shift Happens: VMware Targets End User Computing

    Mobile is the new user endpoint, whether we’re talking about accessing applications via desktop, tablet, phone, watch or other device. “Mobile will be the remote control of our lives,” said Sanjay Poonen, general manager of End User Computing (EUC) at VMware during his keynote at VMworld in San Francisco

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    VMware 'Embraces and Extends' Containerization

    About the only thing financial analysts know about the containerization trend, led by Docker, is that its style of virtualization does not require a hypervisor.

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  • Elliott Management Casts a Shadow Over VMworld

    When you see Pat Gelsinger welcome everyone to VMworld Sunday night in San Francisco, don’t be surprised if he looks more like a Survivor contestant than a confident, relaxed CEO.

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    What You Need to Know About Containerization (Pt.2)

    By now, you’re probably familiar with virtualization, and it has probably been defined for you as the staging of software assets on a software-based platform spread across multiple servers, engineered to look to those assets like a hardware-based platform. That’s certainly what virtualization has been for most data centers.

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  • VMware Brings Social to DevOps

    If VMware’s Socialcast was a Web 2.0 collaboration tool looking for a 3rd platform problem to solve, it may have found one.  Beginning today the once-upon-a-time Jive competitor is taking “social” to a whole new dimension.

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    Can Machine Learning Help You Manage vSphere?

    In 2008, the communications technology provider Alcatel-Lucent (soon to be part of Nokia) acquired a consumer analytics firm called Motive. Some of the dozen or so people who kept track of that move wondered what a telecom service provider would want with a consumer-facing analytics tool.

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    Can Docker and Hadoop Just Get Along?

    The ideal of containerization is that workloads may be distributed safely across multiple platforms and orchestrated through a common portal.  “Big data” is arguably the biggest workload of all, with some organizations now visualizing their data warehouses in terms of petabytes.

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    Got Business Mobility? Think Again Says VMware

    Most companies who say they’ve delivered enterprise mobility to their workforce haven’t even come close. So said Noah Wasmer, VP of Product Management at VMware, in an interview with CMSWire last week.

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  • Why You Should Get VMware-Certified, Now

    You're a networking engineer. You work for a great company with great benefits. You have a solid 10 to 15 years of experience behind you and you know you could get another position by making a few phone calls. Life is good.

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  • VMware, Microsoft Push Microservices at Their Own Pace

    The software architecture of the future is microservices. That much is certain, but what’s up in the air now is whether that future can be pushed far enough ahead for investments in present architecture to be fully amortized before they’re finally allowed to expire.

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  • Pivotal Gets Open Sourcier

    You can’t help but wonder if EMC Federation boss Joe Tucci is reaching for his stress ball today. His company’s spawn, Pivotal Software, is open sourcing the core of GemFire, its distributed in-memory database. We asked Tucci to comment, but he hasn’t gotten back to us yet.

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  • Is VMware Out to Disrupt the Likes of Box & Huddle?

    VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger probably doesn’t lie awake at night worrying how Box CEO Aaron Levie plans to win the Enterprise Content Collaboration market. Chances are good that he’s not all that concerned about Jeetu Patel at EMC Syncplicity, Morten Brøgger at Huddle or Vineet Jain at Egnyte either.

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