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    How to Connect With Your In-House Experts

    Finding subject matter experts in the enterprise is important for serving clients, resourcing teams and solving problems. It’s been a key use case for knowledge management and now for enterprise social networks, with information-rich employee profiles and channels to connect and communicate.

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  • Bumpy bike trails

    The Bumpy Ride to Dialogue on Your Social Intranet

    The introduction of social tools and features, such as an enterprise social network or even just commenting on intranet content, can lead to some level of nervousness amongst senior managers and those in risk functions. In theory you can see their point. Every organization has unhappy employees.

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  • Beware Red Herrings Intranet vs ESN is a Sham

    Beware Red Herrings: Intranet vs. ESN is a Sham

    Should I replace my intranet with an Enterprise Social Network? Internal communications departments have debated this question, as have ESN teams and intranet teams. Maybe they saw higher adoption and engagement on their ESN platform, or read success stories from their peers.

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  • How a Mobile Social Network Connected a StartUps Employees

    How a Mobile Social Network Connected a Start-Up's Employees

    Do enterprise social networks (ESNs) have the ability to influence or change company culture or identity? They do, although the experience will vary dramatically from organization to organization, and may be quite subtle or slow.

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  • HR Intranets Go to the Next Level

    HR Intranets Go to the Next Level

    Too often, however, the HR section of the intranet feels more like a collection of links to other systems than a coherent and consistent digital experience.

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  • Closing the Gap between Intranets and Websites

    While websites and web solutions have rushed along in recent years, intranets have perpetually lagged behind. Rarely given the resources and attention they deserve, intranets have played the part of the poor cousin to leading websites. This is finally changing.

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