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  • walking through a large pipe with a light ahead

    Turn Your Enterprise Social Network Into an Innovation Pipeline

    Enterprise Social Network tools and collaboration platforms are becoming established as highly useful innovation tools.

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  • collaborating on work

    Trends May Come and Go, But Social Collaboration Is Here to Stay

    When enterprise social collaboration technologies started hitting the mainstream five or six years ago, some argued social was just a fad — real business was done through more structured collaboration platforms.

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  • momentum

    How Momentum Drives Social Collaboration

    Social collaboration tools are getting smarter.  Vendors boast about the plethora of back end reports — numbers of users, posts, comments, likes, even sentiment, broken down across groups, silos, roles, you name it. So much data available, yet so little certainty of making your social collaboration initiative deliver on its promise.

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  • snakes and ladders

    Collaboration Snakes and Ladders

    Let’s play snakes and ladders. Collaboration snakes and ladders.

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  • Lines and Angles

    The Minimalist Collaboration Challenge

    What's the least you would need — in terms of equipment and in terms of software/apps — to collaborate effectively? In other words, “how low can you go?” without losing necessary functionality?  I decided to take the challenge in part after attending the GetGeeked  event on June 11 in San

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  • Too Many Apps The New World of Information Overload

    Too Many Apps: The New World of Information Overload

    “Did you see my post on Yammer?” “I didn’t see your comments; didn’t you see my email?” “I knew you wouldn’t see my email, so I sent you a text message … and a WhatsApp message” “I was waiting for your call; didn’t you see my LinkedIn update?” It’s only

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  • 3 Tips to Power Your Knowledge Management Initiatives

    3 Tips to Power Your Knowledge Management Initiatives

    With so much emphasis on how organizations need to be more human to connect with and satisfy their customers, a new report reveals insight around a Gartner prediction that’s decidedly unhuman: "By the year 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of the enterprise customer relationship without ever interacting with a

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  • How to Do Pair Writing Well

    Norwegian design agency, Netlife Research, has been pioneering pair writing. Bjørn Bergslien, senior consultant at Netlife Research, gives some insights into its approach. According to Bergslien, some of the key benefits of pair writing are that: It makes the team truly think about what they are about to publish.

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  • FaceBox at Work The Newest Collaboration Solution

    FaceBox at Work: The Newest Collaboration Solution?

    We are hardly out of the 2015 gate and the enterprise collaboration market is already experiencing a shakeup. Facebook released Facebook at Work  on Jan. 14, the same week Box resuscitated its delayed IPO event, slated to launch tomorrow.

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  • Who Wants To Play With Facebook At Work

    Who Wants To Play With Facebook At Work?

    Facebook unveiled its new social network Facebook at Work today, a sign of its interest in the lucrative office productivity and collaboration market. A smartphone app called Facebook At Work, with the look and feel of classic Facebook, is now available in app stores.

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  • Forget Email Text and Chat Its Time to Talk Again

    Forget Email, Text and Chat - It's Time to Talk Again

    And yes, Ozzie knows that iChat exists and that the conference call has already been invented and is too often loathed by all.

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  • 7 Reasons Why Facebook at Work Will Fail

    7 Reasons Why Facebook at Work Will Fail

    Would you move your business data and team conversations to a platform run by Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook advertising machine? While the Facebook for Business brand is nothing new, focused on providing a more effective advertising platform for businesses based on the social connections and information consumption of its

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  • Brad Szollose Stop Running Your Business Like Its 1969

    Brad Szollose: Stop Running Your Business Like It's 1969

    Brad Szollose is a lot of things: a serial entrepreneur, former C-Level executive of a public company, a business adviser, millennial expert and an award-winning business author. So he knows a few things about which he speaks — and this is what he wants businesses to know.

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  • "Frank" by Chuck Close

    Big Pictures, Micro-Moments: Takeaways from #KMWorld

    Big pictures start with small parts. At last week's KMWorld conference in Washington, DC, we were given a taste of both. Lee Rainie, director of Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, explored a utopian vision of knowledge sharing in the future during his Thursday keynote.

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