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    The Cloud Is Evolving Faster Than Cloud Security

    SAN FRANCISCO — Shifts in cloud server architectures over just the past few years are outpacing efforts by corporate information security professionals to keep up with them.   As a result, organizations may have actually regressed in their IT security stance as they shift a greater share of their applications and

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  • Microsoft Graph Opens Office 365 to Developers

    Microsoft promised a super API dubbed Office 365 Unified API at the Build conference in May. Yesterday it released the API, now renamed Microsoft Graph. With it, developers can access applications and data across the Microsoft cloud through a single token to build custom solutions.

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  • Skyhigh Shares Some Office 365 Numbers

    Cloud security vendor Skyhigh estimated nearly nine out of 10 enterprises — 87.3 percent — are now using Office 365. According to research released in connection with the public unveiling of Windows 10, the same report shows  93.

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  • Who Is Your Weakest Link The Risks of Cloud Partners

    Who Is Your Weakest Link? The Risks of Cloud Partners

    Think your organization is safe if it minds its own security? Think again. You’ve also got to worry about security at all those companies you associate with, from suppliers and consulting firms to PR agencies, systems integrators, event planners and even heating and cooling vendors.

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  • Too Many B2Bs Fail to Track, Measure Social Media

    Many B2Bs still have a lot to learn when it comes to social media smarts, according to a new report. While most B2Bs know they should be engaging with their customers on social media, they're often not using available tools to harvest critical data and put it to use.

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