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    Comparing 6 SharePoint Intranets-in-a-Box

    Creating an intranet on SharePoint can be a slow process – six months is good going; 18 months is not uncommon. Shortcutting this process with a readymade solution sounds appealing and a growing list of vendors offer this option.

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    Tackling SharePoint Intranet Requirements: Home Pages

    SharePoint consultants spend a lot of time listening to intranet and collaboration portal requirements.  Companies big and small want to create content and collaboration solutions that their staff will actually use. And while each industry or business will always have specific requirements, a few core requirements apply across the board.

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    Intranets Aren't Essential (But They Still Have a Role to Play)

    Should intranets be essential to a business? Logic says yes. Intranets should aim to support the most important elements of a business, and thereby become essential. But often found behind such an objective is a desire to drive traffic to an intranet in the belief that high usage constitutes success.

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