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  • The Semantic Web is Here? XML, Calais and SearchMonkey

    When we talk about the Semantic Web we mean more meta-information hidden in the page code, but derived from the content itself, with the aim of letting Web services and search engines know exactly what's there without having to guess from keywords and tags.

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  • WC3 Gives the Semantic Web SPARQL and Shine

    Oh the semantic web. Such romantic and lofty notions are conjured up at even its mere mention. And now, how it sparkles so. I refer, of course, to SPARQL (pronounced "sparkle") the new query technology released by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3). When we think of the Semantic Web

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  • Users vs. Technology: Who Runs the Innovation Racket?

    An interesting article in BusinessWeek poses an intriguing question: what is driving new media (think Web 2.0 and 3.0) -- content builders or technology developers? Because more people are blogging than are programming, BusinessWeek author Jon Fine suggests that "In the tug-of-war between the right-brain of media and the left-brain

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  • The Semantic Web Will Redefine Content Management

    Content managers, I'm sure you think your job is hard enough as it is. Sourcing good content, presenting it well, integrating it seamlessly, cataloging it, securing it, backing it up... yikes, the plate is full already.

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  • W3C Cooks Up Data Integration with GRDDL

    As the usage of XML as the primary representation format within a content management system proliferates, the discussion revolves around how to transform said XML into a human readable format.

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  • SeeqPod Makes Musical Moments Marvelously Searchable

    Riding the hype of the Semantic Web (it isn't just around the corner; it will also make you blush), which Content Wrangler says will consist of "technologies that help people 'do stuff'," a geeky set of musicologists give us SeeqPod. In its own way, the concept is pretty clever.

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  • Tech Comm 2.0 Hits Indianapolis, Don't Miss It

    If for some odd reason you find yourself in Indiana this August, try to make Technical Communication 2.0, a half-day event on Web 2.0, technology and the workplace. Perhaps coolest of all, the opportunity is free.The program is comprised of two 90-minute sessions, including: * Understanding Web 2.

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  • The Semantic Web Will Make You Blush

    There's a reason why dating will soon be dead: the Semantic Web. The universe would be hard pressed to find another who knows what you really want more than Nova Spivack, who's got a dream for artificial intelligence on the Web. Spivack, founder of Radar Networks, is getting

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