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  • giant dinosaur

    Show a Little Respect to Record Managers

    Despite evidence to the contrary, records managers haven't gone extinct — yet. But they might, unless the role evolves. Simply ensuring data compliance isn't enough any more, according to new research from Iron Mountain.  Neither is simply tracking what data to archive or developing classification and taxonomies for data

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  • Broadsword

    The Beauty of Analogies over Jargon

    During the course of this file share clean up project, I meet regularly with everyone: my IT partners, the department focal points (i.e. Super Users), as well as the content custodians. My contacts are both locally and globally located.

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  • Uncovering Your Contents Value in a Mobile World

    Uncovering Your Content's Value in a Mobile World

    We've got more content at our fingertips than ever before. And the content that we access on our mobile devices is increasingly important for our job responsibilities.

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  • Moving Your Information Governance to the Cloud

    Moving Your Information Governance to the Cloud

    In spite of frequent reports about the uptick in cloud adoption -- with a recent IDC report predicting an additional 11 percent shift of IT budget away from in-house IT delivery towards different cloud models by 2016 -- some businesses are still hesitating.

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  • Businesses Committed to SharePoint, Despite Stalled Deployments

    Since Microsoft unveiled SharePoint back in 2001, it has been one of the fastest growing products in the software giant's history. Along with billions of dollars in revenue, the platform now boasts 125 million users and counting.

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  • We Need Fewer Information Managers and More Business People

    I recently gave a keynote presentation at a records management conference in Salt Lake City on how records managers need to evolve to meet the demands of the changing landscape of corporate information management.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Keep Move Delete or Archive

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Keep, Move, Delete or Archive?

    Destruction of significant, unique objects from a file share is rarely the first step in the destruction phase of the life cycle of the record. Usually the process of elimination from deduplication to significant, unique object deletion is multi-faceted.

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  • Blame the CSuite for Your Failed SharePoint Project

    Blame the C-Suite for Your Failed SharePoint Project

    About two out of three organizations complain their SharePoint projects have stalled (26 percent) or failed to live up to their expectations (37 percent). And it gets worse, according to new AIIM research. A majority of respondents blame those SharePoint failures on lack of support from senior management.

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  • A Simple RACI Chart for File Share Clean Up

    As you check off the tasks in the work breakdown structure of the file share clean-up project, certain persons within the organization will be quite vocal. One way to clarify the roles and their responsibilities is via the mechanism of a simple RACI chart. Remember: simple is elegant.

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  • CMSWires Top 20 Hits of 2014 SharePoint

    CMSWire's Top 20 Hits of 2014: SharePoint

    You've all heard of Ground Hog Day, right? Well, how about Ground Hog Year? Looking back at the SharePoint landscape over the past 12 months, that’s certainly what it looks like.

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  • CMSWires Top 10 Hits of 2014 Information Management

    CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2014: Information Management

    The problem about information management is that, in reality, there is little management around most enterprise’s information. New technologies enter the market, old ones are upgraded and the mass of information that is contained in enterprise silos just keeps getting bigger.

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  • You Dont Need New Toys to Succeed at ECM

    You Don't Need New Toys to Succeed at ECM

    Victory! We finally did it. My wife and I have been threatening to throw away, donate or sell the majority of our kids' toys for years. If you are a parent you know the drill.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Bloody Footprints and Zombie Projects

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Bloody Footprints and Zombie Projects

    File share projects don't culminate in casual review of file extensions. The fun is just beginning. The next steps should include 'easy deletes', baseline statistical capture, and thoughtful project management.

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  • Cleaning Up a Large File Share

    File shares will not exist forever. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting them. It is important that IT departments begin reviewing the objects from the “bottom up” (file to folder to sub directory to directory) yesterday.

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