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  • Swrve Bets on Predictive Analytics

    Digital marketers want to catch potential and existing customers at the right time and give them something they want. In other words, make a good prediction and capitalize on it. One provider of marketing technology finds this so important, that it’s named its suite after it.

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  • Watson analytics

    My Experience With Watson Analytics

    Analytic tools are evolving. They're expanding from specific applications that measure such things as website traffic and content consumption to data aggregators for visualization and advanced analysis. There are multiple new tools that build on this trend, including Watson Analytics, IBM’s cloud-based analytics service, Watson Analytics is a natural

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  • ibm, vertical, predictive analytics

    IBM Takes Vertical Leap in Predictive Analytics

    IBM is going vertical in its analytics platform.  The Armonk, N.Y.-based software giant just released 20 new industry-specific solutions with pre-built predictive analytics capabilities. Solutions include pre-built predictive analytic modeling patterns and interfaces for specific verticals and data preparation capabilities to manage data.

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  • Why Companies Cant Afford to Go Overboard with Analytics

    Why Companies Can't Afford to Go Overboard with Analytics

    Before you overreact to the headline, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: You need analytics. On that, there’s no debate.

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  • A New Frontier for CRM The Internet of Things

    A New Frontier for CRM: The Internet of Things

    Isn’t Customer Relationship Management technology supposed to be dead?  Apparently it’s getting a lifeline from the Internet of Things. Gartner predicts “CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years as enterprises look to create more targeted interactions in a multichannel environment.

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  • Could StepOne's CX Solutions Close the Multichannel Divide?

    Weaving together the fragmented customer experience across various channels is a daily challenge for today’s digital marketers. But StepOne, with the release of three new customer experience solutions, hopes to change this. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, the new solutions – which include post-retail engagement, order fulfillment and

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  • Sales Forecasting Inaccuracys Last Refuge in the Big Data Era

    Sales Forecasting: Inaccuracy's Last Refuge in the Big Data Era

    One of the critical tasks for sales managers is forecasting. Forecasts drive a host of decisions in the organization, from investment in production to allocation of service personnel to the guidance offered to shareholders. But, for some reason, it's increasingly acceptable for forecasts to be not particularly accurate. In a

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  • Analytics Big Data and Hocus Pocus

    Analytics, Big Data and ... Hocus Pocus?

    Businesses that are scrambling to keep up with the quickly changing e-commerce world are turning to big data and analytics as important, if not primary tools.

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  • Big Data Gets Big Money for Big Reasons

    Big Data Gets Big Money for Big Reasons

    Companies have been throwing money hand over fist into the predictive analytics, data management and business intelligence world over the last few weeks.

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  • Altocloud Claims It Can Help You Reach Your Customers - Now

    A Silicon Valley startup is coming out of stealth mode to help you connect with your customers in real time. The company, Altocloud, is releasing what it describes as a unique solution today, which combines machine learning and predictive analytics with real time communications within websites and mobile apps.

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  • New Salesforce Tool Can Help You Get Personal With 1M People

    New Salesforce Tool Can Help You Get Personal With 1M People

    Big data presents a big challenge for marketers: How can you personalize your email, mobile and web messages when you're reaching out to a million potential customers — or 10 million? It's hard to get personal in a crowd like that. Several marketing technology vendors have tackled that challenge.

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  • The Emotional Value of Data 5 Critical Actions to Take

    The Emotional Value of Data: 5 Critical Actions to Take

    Emotional consumption has recently been identified as one of the social trends shaping how we live and work – now and in the future. “The shift to emotional consumption has huge implications for employers and marketers,” wrote Marc Emmer in a LinkedIn post. Emmer is a strategic planning consultant

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  • Revenue Marketing Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment

    Revenue Marketing: Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment

    The art of contacting and connecting with customers and prospects has become infinitely more sophisticated and effective through the buyer’s journey. We can thank advances in marketing automation, big data, predictive and behavioral analytics for this new level of sophistication.

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  • The Year Emotional Intelligence Meets Customer Experience

    The Year Emotional Intelligence Meets Customer Experience

    Despite the fact that we are in an age where everything seems to be computerized and automated, this is the year that businesses will start to feel more human. Customers will feel more and more like businesses are listening to their individual wants and needs.

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