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  • The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

    The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

    When the Internet came along, optimism was at an all-time high. We thought we would solve all the problems of the world, possibilities were endless. And granted, we solved many. We work much better today because of the innovations of the last 20 years.

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  • Forget Intranets Give Me an ESN

    Forget Intranets, Give Me an ESN

    We heard it all a decade ago: Intranets are the wave of the future. Intranets are a waste of resources. Intranets are valuable tools. Intranets need to be social. Intranets are dead. The only thing that's true is that Intranets need to solve an actual problem.

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  • Endangered Species The Corporate Intranet

    Endangered Species: The Corporate Intranet

    The very idea that we’re still doing old-fashioned, browser-based, news-publishing intranets in the mobile era is downright antiquated. They’re no different than rotary-dial phones. And they’re going the same direction as your old olive-drab rotary phone did -- and as a result of the same technologies.

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  • Intranets or ESN Why Not Both

    Intranets or ESN? Why Not Both

    Do we have to choose between intranets and enterprise social networks (ESNs)?  Before we can tackle that question, let's take a brief look at Intranets and ESNs as they are being used today. The Decline of Intranets ... Intranets' popularity appears to have declined.

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  • Are ESNs Just Intranets In New Clothing

    Are ESNs Just Intranets In New Clothing?

    The term "intranet" has been around for a relatively long time in technology-speak. And while it seems that every time an upstart comes on the scene people question the relevancy of the intranet, I've got something to tell you: Intranets aren't going anywhere.  We at the Worldwide Intranet Challenge  ran

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  • Which Enterprise Social Network is Right for Your Intranet

    Which Enterprise Social Network Is Right for Your Intranet?

    Looking to implement an enterprise social network? If so, check out this list of the top five contenders.

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  • The New Age of Intranets Publishing and Content

    The New Age of Intranets: Publishing and Content

    The evolution of intranets is happening even as you read this. Last month we took a look at the role planning and corporate communications play in this New Age of Intranets.  Today we'll tackle content. One of the great hassles with intranets is managing and updating content.

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  • Plan for Migration Success with Search

    Plan for Migration Success with Search

    Migrating a website or an intranet to a new CMS or new information architecture comes with considerable challenges. Automated tools can support the process, but almost inevitably a great deal of discussion and work will need to take place around specific areas of the site.

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  • Open Source Jahia Raises $22.5M to Grow Enterprise Clients

    Jahia is getting a $22.5 million cash infusion from Invus, a New York City-based investment firm, the Geneva, Switzerland-based open source content management system (CMS) vendor announced today. The funds will help CEO Elie Auvray grow Jahia's customer base, especially in the enterprise space.

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  • Lose the Fat Embrace Lean Portals

    Lose the Fat, Embrace Lean Portals

    In its recently published Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, Gartner identified a number of trends. Among the most important: the convergence of web content management (WCM) customer demands with lean portal functionality and social technologies.

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  • Wheres Marketings Kevin Cochrane Jahia Knows

    Where's Marketing's Kevin Cochrane? Jahia Knows

    Remember Kevin Cochrane — the former CMO of Mindjet, the former CMO of Open Text and former vice president of digital marketing at Adobe? Guess where he’s just popped up — apparently just a day after leaving Mindjet? At open source Web Content Management (WCM) vendor Jahia.

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  • Smaller Firms Nip at the Big Dogs in Gartners Portal MQ

    Smaller Firms Nip at the Big Dogs in Gartner's Portal MQ

    Gartner cited six trends in its Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, including a convergence of portal and Web Content Management (Web CMS) needs across enterprises. In addition, long-time traditional, portal vendors and their bloated, unwieldy architectures are losing ground to smaller, lighter portal vendors.

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  • 6 Trends Dominate the Portal Space, Gartner Claims

    In recent weeks we have spent a lot of time talking about data search and discovery. While there are many ways of finding content, access through portals is still one of the major pathways. This week, Gartner has published what it believes are the top horizontal portal vendors in a

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  • HR Intranets Go to the Next Level

    HR Intranets Go to the Next Level

    Too often, however, the HR section of the intranet feels more like a collection of links to other systems than a coherent and consistent digital experience.

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