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  • Case of trophies

    Why FOA Won the Danish Intranet Prize

    Employees are the ultimate judges of intranet or digital workplace success.  You can have amazing design, innovative features and cutting-edge content, but if your users aren’t engaged or adoption is very low, your intranet isn’t really a success. Satisfied Users, The Best Sign of Intranet Success A number of intranet and digital workplace awards  provide

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  • James Robertson, Digital Workplace Leaders

    James Robertson: Employee Experience Is the Heart of the Digital Workplace

    James Robertson got his start as a "proper geek, writing software" back in the '90s.  But somewhere along the line he saw how organizations needed "practical and pragmatic advice" on how to navigate the demands of the modern workplace.  Writing the Book on Intranets Robertson founded Step Two in 1996

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  • young girl, patiently waiting

    SharePoint Intranets: To Buy, To Build or To Wait?

    Over the last two years, organizations have dramatically changed how they approach creating new intranets on SharePoint.  Instead of partnering with a development agency, they are looking for ready-made, easily adaptable and quickly deployable solutions. Products such as Interchange, LiveTiles, Powell 365, Unily and Wizdom offer businesses a fast-track start.

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  • anchors away

    How Intranet Home Pages Anchor the Digital Workplace

    Intranets once had the market cornered for workplace communications and collaboration.  But the advent of the digital workplace with its broader capabilities has begged the question where the intranet, and more specifically, the intranet home page fits in this ecosystem.

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  • man sitting on a park bench in winter

    Make Your Customers Smile: Don't Make Them Talk to You

    In the digital age, customers will do just about anything to avoid interacting with a live person unnecessarily, especially beyond the purchasing process. Eighty percent of the buyer’s journey is conducted online through self-education, and Forrester reports a clear preference for digital channels as people turn to web or mobile

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  • collection of vintage radios

    Bringing Intranet Radio out From the Shadows

    Intranet managers have turned to video as a dynamic way to communicate with internal teams, via enterprise video channels and live streaming of events.   Yet businesses are exploring another communication option, one with a rich and varied history within corporations — the “intranet radio” station.

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  • too much to process

    Do Collaboration Apps Make Employees Less Productive?

    Remember when siloed email was the biggest problem enterprise collaboration tools tried to solve?  That seems almost quaint in the face of the current onslaught of team messaging apps in the enterprise.  With all the buzz surrounding Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace  by Facebook, you’d think the challenges of productivity, engagement and fragmentation were

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  • fans in a crowd

    Digital Workplace Governance Takes the Stage (and the Awards)

    Governance may not be glamorous, but it serves an essential purpose.  Robust governance is the backbone of any effective and sustainable platform.   Establishing governance can be difficult — and keeping it going is even harder.

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  • jumping into fall leaves

    Tackling SharePoint Intranet Requirements: Engaging Users

    Intranet requirements will change from business to business and industry to industry. But when building an intranet on SharePoint, several core requirements come up repeatedly. Identifying these common requirements and exploring how to make them happen is key to starting any intranet project off on the right foot.  In this series we

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  • growing on balconies

    Intelligent Digital Workplaces Leave Room to Grow

    Businesses lose an estimated $11 billion annually due to employee turnover, in large part due to a disengaged workforce.  Organizations have tried improving engagement with intranets, team collaboration and knowledge management.

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  • dazed and confused

    How Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia

    The phrase "knowledge is power" has become such a cliché, it's easy to dismiss its truth. We sometimes forget just how crucial knowledge is for culture, society and, of course, business.  Accumulated organizational knowledge is called corporate memory.

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  • MS Dynamics CRM Release Targets Portals, the IoT

    Microsoft finally announced the general release of the the Spring 2016 Wave of Dynamics CRM.  But technically speaking, Microsoft has been pushing elements of Dynamics CRM 2016 into general availability since early this month, and drip feeding updates ever since. There are a couple of points worth noting.  First, in a statement about the release,

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  • pop the balloon

    3 Intranet Communications Myths, Busted

    Once upon a time the business elite controlled content and commenting caused palpitations in the board room.  Now employees have a voice, and it’s something to be encouraged.

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  • pouncing fox

    Tackling SharePoint Intranet Requirements: Finding Content

    Organizations are desperately looking to build intranet portals that their employees will actually use.  The first step in building such an intranet is to listen closely to what people are asking for, and then using the technology to turn those requirements into robust solutions.

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