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  • Microsoft Pushes Yammer into SMBs

    Microsoft Pushes Yammer into SMBs

    Microsoft is pushing Yammer ... again. The focus now is on small and midsize businesses (SMBs).  Microsoft underlined its enterprise ambitions for Yammer in November by making it available with all Office 365 enterprise plans. Now it's also added Yammer to Office 365 Midsize Business and Office 365 Education plans.

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  • Microsoft Transforms Customers to Beta Testers

    Microsoft Transforms Customers to Beta Testers

    Two weeks ago Microsoft promised a whole new approach to roadmaps and future releases when it announced that it would be posting regular, publicly accessible updates to the Office 365 roadmap. Transparency is the new black at Microsoft, it seems.

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  • Microsoft Tightens Email Security

    Microsoft Tightens Email Security

    Edward Snowden has done more for electronic security than anyone else. Singlehandedly, he has forced some of the biggest IT vendors to take a close look at data, data transfer, and how it is stored. This follows the revelation that security agencies across the world were systematically scanning emails.

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  • Is Googles Drive for Work Too Little Too Late io14

    Is Google's Drive for Work Too Little, Too Late? #io14

    Every time Google or Microsoft makes an announcement about lowering the price of storage, someone asks us why anyone would pay more for a service like Dropbox, Box, Syncplicity, Egnyte, Accellion … you get the picture.

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  • Google Makes it Easier to Dump Microsoft Office io14

    Google Makes it Easier to Dump Microsoft Office #io14

    If you’re one of the top cats in the Microsoft business division, the Google I/O conference must be one of the most irritating things of the year. At I/O, Google always seems to find a way to squeeze the fun from Microsoft’s master plan to rule the business world.

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  • Microsoft Takes Productivity Suite Contest to Thailand

    Microsoft Takes Productivity Suite Contest to Thailand

    Thailand seems an unlikely place for competition in the productivity suite market to erupt. However, the announcement last night by Microsoft that it has signed a deal with the Thai government to provide 8 million students with Office 365 should stir things up in Asia.

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  • Do You Really Need Microsoft Office?

    Two things are made clear in the new benchmark report from SoftWatch: 1. Business users spend a lot less time using their Office applications than might be thought. 2.

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  • Microsoft Pushes Analytics Collaboration Into Office Mix

    Microsoft Pushes Analytics, Collaboration Into Office 'Mix'

    Microsoft is on a roll with a fast and steady stream of upgrades and offerings for its Office suite. In the latest announcement yesterday, it offered a limited preview of its new PowerPoint ‘Mix.

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  • Microsoft Takes Office to the Chrome Store

    Microsoft Takes Office to the Chrome Store

    Only two weeks after Office landed on iPad and about eight weeks since it made it easy to find through the launch of Office.

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  • Nadella Asks Microsoft Developers to 'Keep the Faith' #bldwin

    Satya Nadella’s came close to calling for a return to Microsoft's founding principals during his keynote speech at the the company's Build 2014 conference in San Francisco yesterday. The speech by the newly appointed Microsoft CEO contained a lot for Windows lovers and mobile phone fans.

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  • Finally Office for iPad Still Want It

    Finally! Office for iPad: Still Want It?

    Let's cut to the chase. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first press conference since he started 52 days ago was pretty underwhelming. Yes, he finally announced the launch of Office for iPad, along with the new Enterprise Mobility Suite — surprising just about no one.

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  • Microsoft May Release Office for iPad

    If Microsoft press conferences are always a matter of intense speculation and conjecture, the conference that has been announced for next Thursday (March 27th) in San Francisco will be, by anyone’s standards, an exceptional event -- not least because it will be the first conference hosted by new CEO Satya

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  • Google Drive Offers AddOns Cash to Microsoft Office Users

    Google Drive Offers Add-Ons, Cash to Microsoft Office Users

    In the past three days, Google has made two announcements that are creating new disruptions.  One of them — a new Office 365 to Google Apps referral program — seems specifically designed to annoy Microsoft,  while the  other, the release of third-party add-ons to Google Apps, adds additional functionality.

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  • The Future of Office and Features to Use Today

    During the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas the big emphasis was on -- to no one's surprise -- Office 365 rather than on-premises versions of SharePoint.

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