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  • News Bites: Widen Update, Content Localization and More

    Summertime, and the news is a-hoppin'. This week: Widen releases 7.2, Five9 unveils Summer Release, Telerik enhances and there's a free white paper on content localization. Plus: Google Analytics splits brand and generic channels, SiteSpeck is out with an SDK, and businesses Aldridge and Digital Dominion enter a new phase.

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  • News Bites Learn ECommerce from Google Analytics Discover Tealiums DIY Marketing Cloud More

    News Bites: Learn E-Commerce from Google Analytics, Discover Tealium's DIY Marketing Cloud, More

    This week: Tealium launches do-it-yourself marketing clouds, LightCMS provides a platform for websites and stores, Google Analytics offers a course and NICE Systems helps to optimize the journey of NICE customers. Tealium Provides a Cloud Tag management provider Tealium has announced "the launch of new capabilities enabling any company to

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  • News Bites: Picturepark's 6-Month Trial, Nuxeo Offers and More

    Summertime, and the news is flowing. This week: ImpressPages CMS updates, Kalamuna releases Kalabox, Google Hangouts offers a start button and 3CLogic goes 720 degrees with Zendesk. Plus: Extole rebuilds its referral platform, Picturepark provides six-month full trials, Nuxeo gives birth to Nuxeo.

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  • News Bites Googles Enhanced ECommerce Foko Desktop More

    News Bites: Google's Enhanced E-Commerce, Foko Desktop, More

    Google enhances e-commerce, Apple defaults to Bing and Foko goes desktop. Plus, customers most value efficiency and there's a new Neo. Here's a sample of the latest news. Google Analytics Improves Integration  Google Analytics  announced its premium version is now integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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  • Anydo ToDo for Web Planiswares Updated PM More To-Do for Web, Planisware's Updated PM, More

    Summer's nearly here, and the news is sprouting up. This week: unveils a browser-version of its to-do list app, 3CLogic and Lime Light CRM partner for a more complete view of customer interactions, and GM Voices helps SpeechStorm localize itself.

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  • PostKlout Lithium New Native Ad Formats More

    Post-Klout Lithium, New Native Ad Formats, More

    What a busy week. There's Lithium's post-Klout products, a new video-oriented social platform, an SDK for adding video ads to apps, six new native ad formats and an update to Sencha's desktop-app-to-tablet-app framework.

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  • Social Media Apps for Marketing Software Updates and More

    Social Media Apps for Marketing, Software Updates and More

    And now, the news. Google improves Behavior Flow visualizations, Glip unveils a new messaging app for businesses, HipLogiq offers a social marketing app and a new survey looks at social media as a customer service channel. Plus, Corveo updates its version for Sitecore and Acxiom acquires LiveRamp.

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  • Savos Digital Postcards CDNifys Free SSL and More

    Savo's Digital Postcards, CDNify's Free SSL and More

    There's plenty of news to share this week: Showpad's new features, Brainshark's new filters, Widen's integration with ProofHQ and CDNify's free SSL. Welcome Real-time launches its location service and Savo reveals digital postcards.

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  • Sharing Google Analytics Ranking Webcasts and More

    Sharing Google Analytics, Ranking Webcasts and More

    And now, the news. This week, DAM NY is set to bloom, Google Analytics wants you to share, an omnichannel Currency is born and Cloudwords adds machine translation. Also, webcasts get engagement measuring from ON24 and Sizmek tracks measurement worldwide.

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  • News Bites New Words on Google Analytics Telerik Tries Open Source More

    News Bites: New Words on Google Analytics, Telerik Tries Open Source, More

    And now, the news ... Google Analytics provides a single view, Telerik open sources UI tools and launches newest Sitefinity and WebDAM refreshes its platform and mobile app. Plus, Ektron unveils a new content marketing platform and Gmail trials a new Grid View for promotions.

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  • News Bites Google Smart Lists Contact Center Tips More

    News Bites: Google Smart Lists, Contact Center Tips, & More

    And now, the news. Google gets Smart Lists, Sysomos integrates with Clarabridge, Bulldog gets Boosted, and 3CLogic goes 5.0. Also in the headlines: multichannel contact centers get tips, addresses get corrected, reps need to know what they need to know, and Clari offers a new mobile sales productivity platform.

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  • News Bites Universal Analytics AntiAd Fraud and More

    News Bites: Universal Analytics, Anti-Ad Fraud and More

    And now, the news. This week, Google released enterprise level Universal Analytics, Apperian released an API, BrandAds targeted video ad fraud and ClickBank unveiled version 3.0. Plus, there's a new Drupal to Adobe DPS tool, Appboy Academy opens and HTML5-built OX Spreadsheet takes to the cloud.

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  • News Bites Real Time TV Analytics Personal Sync and More

    News Bites: Real Time TV Analytics, 'Personal Sync' and More

    Mucho news this week. In social analytics, Bottlenose partnered with Critical Mention to offer real time analytics for TV and radio as well as social, Sysomos is integrating its data with Tickr's enterprise platform and a new Brandwatch API uses Twitter data from Gnip.

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  • News Bites Blended Data Woodwings Latest and More

    News Bites: 'Blended Data,' Woodwing's Latest and More

    Spring is here, and news is sprouting. This week: "blended data" for marketers, accountability in Facebook brand posts, Woodwing's version 9.2 of Enterprise, Qstream's new features and Slideshark's expansion to more platforms.

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