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  • How To Use Emotional Designs In Your App To Engage Users

    Emotional Design as a concept was first proposed by Donald Norman in his book titled "Emotional Design." This concept proposes that a person will find an aesthetically appealing product much more functional and useful because it connects with the person on an emotional level.

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  • The Mobile Enterprise: Implementing Tomorrow's Solutions Today

    As 2013 progresses, two mobility issues, namely security and collaboration, are becoming increasingly intertwined. Security has always been at the forefront of corporate mobility concerns. However, providing the right access is no longer enough; employees expect to be able to collaborate as they would at their desks.

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  • Mobile Web Marketing Challenges

    Marketing professionals continue to tease out the benefits of the mobile device as a marketing channel but the picture is getting clearer.  Mobile devices present a special context within which to connect with customers. Where a person is at this moment in time lends itself to impulse buys.

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  • Understand Immediacy, Simplicity + Context To Lead In Mobile Marketing

    Mobile has never been as important to marketers as it is today. This is the Mobile Mind Shift -- the expectation that any desired information or service is available, on any appropriate device, in context, at the moment of need.

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