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  • Quizzical

    Why You Should Know Enterprise SEO

    Your employees and site visitors are talking to you: are you listening? Virtually everyone involved in search has heard of SEO: the art of promoting your site to appear near the top on Google and other web search platforms for specific terms and concepts.

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  • you can check in, but you can't check out

    Data Lakes: The Roach Motel for Your Content

    If you have anything to do with computer technology larger than an iPad, you know that "big data" is the "dot com" for a new generation of programmers, analysts and venture capitalists.

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  • Why Do...

    Google Isn't a Search Platform

    I spent much of the recent holiday weekend doing the traditional sorts of things: parties with friends, cookouts, housecleaning… Things tend to pile up, especially since I work out of my house and have stacks of books and manuals going back to the days of Bush number 1.

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  • Search Is Getting Interesting Again

    Search Is Getting Interesting Again

    The thing about generalizations is that you can always find an exception. Earlier this year I wrote an article, ”Search Isn’t Dead: It’s Gone Incognito.” In it, I argued that search has become so embedded in applications and such a part of everyday life that we no longer

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  • Apache What a Zoo

    Apache: What a Zoo

    "Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo ..." If you're old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel, you may appreciate that 48 years ago this month, their song “At the Zoo” entered the Billboard Top 10.

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  • Buyer Beware Demystifying Open Source Software Licenses

    Buyer Beware: Demystifying Open Source Software Licenses

    Not too long ago, acquiring software was pretty easy: gather requirements, meet with vendors to evaluate products, select the winner. Legal review took place late in the process, and the final terms that both customer and vendor could live with were generally agreed to quickly. That was then.

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  • Search Isnt Dead Its Gone Incognito

    Search Isn't Dead, It's Gone Incognito

    In Days Gone By Search may not be dead, but it’s certainly not the search we all knew and used as recently as 10 years ago (I really couldn’t say we “knew and loved,” could I?) Verity, Fulcrum, Thunderstone and other enterprise search products shipped with command like index utilities

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  • Open Source Has Won Now Whats Your Strategy

    Open Source Has Won: Now What's Your Strategy?

    During a break in the talk, one of the F100 folks leaned to another and whispered “I like everything I’ve seen about Unix -- except the people in this room.” Jump ahead 30 years. Have you ever been to an ApacheCon? It’s like living in the 70s all over again.

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