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    Examining the GDPR Through the Lens of Microsoft Partners

    Microsoft president and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith delivered a keynote speech during the recent Microsoft Inspire conference in which he said, “GDPR will be important to your business — whether you have offices in Europe or do business with Europeans.

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    The Microsoft Partner Balancing Act: Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds

    Anyone who's spent any time working in the IT industry knows far too well the endless power struggles, networks and dependencies of the companies that populate the sector.  Ecosystem is the perfect word to describe the industry’s partner networks.

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    Is Microsoft at War With Its Partners?

    No one wants to be uninvited from a party, and Okta is no different. And so the news that Microsoft had uninvited the identity management vendor and long-standing Microsoft partner from exhibiting at Microsoft Ignite made for one of the more intriguing recent stories.

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