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  • Microsoft Talks Open Data, Open Cloud

    Microsoft was at O'Reilly's OSCON conference last week speaking about the need for interoperability with cloud platforms. Here is their take on Open data, Open Cloud. Connected in the Cloud As more organizations consider moving to the cloud, questions continue to arise related to security, performance, reliability and compliance.

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  • Sitecore Web CMS 6.3 Cloud Ready, Including the Azure Cloud

    There's a big draw to work in the cloud today and Sitecore (newssite) has just announced that it's latest version -- 6.3 -- is cloud ready. Gearing Up for the Cloud The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference has kicked off today and it appears that a key

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  • Microsoft Azure Scores a Release Date and a Price Tag

    At this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft (news, site) confirmed the upcoming commercial availability of their cloud services platform, Azure. Then they slapped a price tag on it.

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  • Enterprise Ain't Going Into the Cloud?

    According to Chris Petersen, APAC director of channels at Open Text, it is unlikely that enterprise data will ever go to the cloud due to regulatory issues and bandwidth costs. In a recent interview with ZDNet Asia, Petersen gave his outlook on the enterprise future in the cloud. Despite the fact

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  • Open Text Heads Into the Windows Azure Cloud

    Enterprise content management provider Open Text has announced a "first-of-its-kind" records management and archiving capability for Microsoft’s new cloud-based operating system Windows Azure. Azure is Microsoft's new cloud-based operating system. Open Text will incorporate these cloud-based capabilities into its Enterprise Library Services offering early next year.

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  • Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services Platform

    You can just imagine the excited faces in the crowd at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference this week when Ray Ozzie started talking about Microsoft's move to the cloud. We're sure anyone who develops on and uses their technologies is likely thrilled to finally be heading there.

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