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  • Italians Go Mobile-Global with Funambol

    Italian firm Funambol gets vocal about self-titled project Funambol, formerly known as Sync4j, the project's birth name circa 2001. Now the largest open source mobile project, Funambol nears the one million downloads mark and is compatible with approximately 75% of mobile phones sold worldwide -- hardly a laughable feat --

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  • Magnolia Turns 3, Updates Web CMS

    Today Magnolia released Magnolia Enterprise Edition, a major update to their Enterprise Web CMS + Java Content Repository (JSR-170) offering, targeting simplification and ease of deployment. This is to commemorate their third anniversary.

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  • PHP vs Java vs Ruby

    digg_url = ''; With Sun GPLv2'ing its Java software this week, a lot of focus is on the other open frameworks that have risen during the same era, and their comparative value in a post open source Java world.

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  • Magnolia Open Source CMS Updated

    Magnolia 3.0 is out the door. A "commercial open-source" project, Magnolia integrates web content management (CMS) and document management (DMS) through a single, web-based, AJAX-powered user interface. Version 3.0 brings together 3+ years of research and development and is one of the few CMS products to support the JSR-170 content

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  • Alfresco Introduces Java Open Source CMS and Content Repository

    Alfresco, a provider of open source enterprise content management software, today announced the immediate availability of a technology preview of the Alfresco open source content repository and portal integrations. Alfresco includes an enterprise-scale content repository, JSR-168 portlets for managing and using content, and a Common Internet File System (CIFS) interface

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  • Bowstreet Introduces JSR-168 Compliant Portlet Factory

    Bowstreet a provider of J2EE tools has announced the latest version of their Portlet Factory (v5.8) and the launch of a JSR 168 validation program, co-sponsored by other industry leaders. Portlet Factory enables the rapid creation portlets and is now compatible with all portal platforms that support the JSR 168 specification.JSR

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