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  • Stop before it's too late

    Early Warning Signs Your Paid Social Media is Derailing

    Paid social media promotions offer enormous opportunities for brands to expand reach, engage customers and sell in a meaningful way. But if it were easy, every brand would master it overnight by just throwing more money at the promotions.  Brands can't succeed by just spending more.

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  • Tackling the Cloud Skills Shortage

    "Cloud-related skills represent virtually all the growth opportunities in IT employment worldwide and demand for cloud-related positions will grow by 26 percent annually through 2015." Jennifer Warnick, news and feature writer for Microsoft, wrote these words  in 2013. Two years later, the demand persists, but a skill shortage looms.

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  • Deliver Your Brands Promise with Content Marketing

    Deliver Your Brand's Promise with Content Marketing

    While you will want to include the insights of senior leadership for content creation, the customer's point of view should take center stage in your content strategy. This customer-centric filter can weed out some of the trial and error methods that content without the customer at the center uses.

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  • Test Before Making a Full Scale SharePoint Leap

    Test Before Making a Full Scale SharePoint Leap

    Don't let this happen to your SharePoint implementation. A pilot SharePoint implementation on a focus group can help address these issues.  Start by identifying a specific group of end users who share a common function in the enterprise, such as departments or volunteers for several internal projects.

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  • Why Content Marketers Fail to Impress Google

    With more than 70 percent of online searches happening in Google, it is no surprise that content marketers are constantly looking for new ways to use the search engine to realize ROI, be it by getting leads out of organic channels or by other attribution based metrics or means.

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  • Jumping on the Internet of Things Bandwagon

    If big data, social media and cloud were the darlings of the buzzword world in recent times, the latest to join the bandwagon is the Internet of Things (IoT).

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  • SharePoint 2013: Fast Search Features Drive Enterprise Productivity

    In the year 2008, Microsoft acquired a technology company called Fast Search & Transfer ASA for a whopping US$ 1.2 billion.

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