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    Why 2017 Is the Year of Cloud-First Headless CMS

    (Ed. Note: Forrester's latest Wave for web content management emphasized the cloud and headless deployments.  But what's the big deal with headless platforms — and what can we anticipate happening next?  In this two-part series, two industry experts — Petr Palas, founder and CEO of Kentico, and Greg Luciano, director of services at —  will explain why they think headless is the way to go.) When Steve Jobs saw the graphical user interface in Xerox laboratories for the first time, he knew it was

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    Why It's Time to Adopt Content-as-a-Service and Headless CMS

    PARIS – Ready or not, your enterprise should prepare to move beyond the web. Many companies are already making the move, according to Richard Jones, technical director of London-based Inviqa, which specializes in content management systems, e-commerce and digital innovation.

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    A Headless CMS Won't Solve All Your Woes

    Headless content management has received a fair amount of hype in the last year.  For anyone who’s managed to avoid the whole headless controversy, “headless” is the idea of decoupling the front end and the back end of content delivery. Sebastian Siemssen, senior developer at Vienna, Austria-based Zensations wrote that

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    Hippo Takes a Hybrid Approach in Latest CMS Release

    Amsterdam-based Hippo is combining traditional digital experience management with Content-as-a-Service in version 10.2 of its CMS platform. It includes a new automated Content REST API, which WordPress also included in its last iteration. REST, or more formally, Representational State Transfer, is an architectural style that has a number of

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