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  • e-Participation: the New Government?

    Governments are drastically cutting down budgets, and not only in Greece, but also worldwide. Citizens have to play a more active role in this very important activity. Is this an opportunity for e-Participation (tools)? e-Participation is a way for both citizens and governments to cooperate.

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  • Civic Commons Shares Code and Best Practices with Government Agencies

    As children we were taught to share with others. Though sharing may have gone out of vogue for a while, the collaborative nature of web 2.0 brought it back.

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  • Perspectives: SharePoint and The Gov 2.0 Revolution

    An aging workforce, new worker expectations and an embrace from the Oval Office have put the social computing revolution on a fast track, and SharePoint (newssite ) in a pivotal role, in a market not usually known for being in step with the technological times. Government 2.

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  • Privacy Wars in Cyberspace: Does Google Know Too Much?

    Can Google hear you think? Independent computer security researcher Moxie Marlinspike seems to believe so. He used his stage time at this year's SOURCE conference in Boston to raise awareness around Big G's data harvesting practices, admonishing the search engine's ability to mine way more information than statistics say you're

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  • How SharePoint Can Deliver Project Transparency

    Transparency in projects is becoming a requirement for many organizations today. SharePoint provides a number of out of the box features and integrations with third party tools to support the transparency required.

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