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  • beacon technology

    Is Mobile Geofencing Right for Your Business?

    We live in a connected world — this is a given. The fact you are reading this means you are linked to a vast network of worldwide internet users. As netizens, we travel through a world with few borders.

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  • Reach Out and Touch for Better Collaboration Customer Experiences

    Reach Out and Touch for Better Collaboration, Customer Experiences

    From repeated assurances that "your call is very important to us" to an anonymized stream of corporate communications … Isn't there anything that can put some humanity back into collaboration and communications? The quantified self – breaking down human behavior into data sets – could help companies inject some personality

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  • HipGeo Opens API, Evolves Future of Location-Based Apps

    There has been a growing debate about the utility of location-based applications. Some say they are the future of the gaming industry, while others don’t think that location-based apps are meeting their potential. However, most agree that location-based native and web app development has never been more popular.

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