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  • IE8 Beta 2 Released

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is now available for download by the public. Microsoft certainly needs to push IE8 out soon -- especially when considering the recent developments within the Web browsing market. The company is touting the premise that IE8 is the most secure, reliable and privacy-aware version of the product to date. Will it be enough to impress the users of other browsers while keeping

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  • Google Chrome: Renewal of the Browser Wars

    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, watch out — Google is entering the fray with its shiny new creation called Chrome. Google's newest creation will be available for download today in more than 100 countries for people using Microsoft Windows, but is the amount of drama brewing from Google's

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  • Firefox 3.0 Pokes Head Out from Covers

    The browser wars continue as the Mozilla Foundation, also known as the Rebel Alliance, releases the second beta of the upcoming 3.0 version of Firefox. No longer considered an upstart competitor to Internet Explorer, the open source web browser has enjoyed steadily increasing market share and continues to be the

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  • Lookout Microsoft! Firefox Tops IE 6

    35.4% versus 34.9% Those numbers are cause celebre for every open source advocate and Microsoft hater across the globe. According to the most recent set of browser usage statistics from W3Schools, Firefox has captured 35.4% of the browser market as compared to 34.9% for Internet Explorer version 6. As exciting as this

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  • State of the Open Source Union, Thanks Alfresco!

    In an effort to gauge the use of open source software on the enterprise level, Alfresco turns to its rapidly growing developer community to create a biannual report of user preferences with respect to: operating systems, application servers, databases, browsers, and portals. This report, forever known as the Open Source Barometer, is

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