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  • ChaChing Box Gets More Cash

    Cha-Ching! Box Gets More Cash

    It’s raining money, at least in Los Altos, Calif., that is. Box has reportedly received a $150 million round of funding, which the Wall Street Journal reports will be used to hold the company over until IPO waters get warmer.

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  • Gartner Rates Enterprise File Sync and Share Vendors

    As anyone who reads CMSWire regularly already knows, the Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) market is hotter than hot. The 100+ players within it introduce new features and new releases almost as often as soccer's Tim Howard saves goals.

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  • Showdown at the Mobile Enterprise Corral

    Showdown at the Mobile Enterprise Corral

    Why have so many mobile enterprise companies made financial announcements within the last few weeks? In the mobile device management (MDM) space, Good Technology has filed an S1 to go public and MobileIron successfully executed an IPO. In the File Sync and Share (FSS) space, Dropbox announced a $500M line

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  • Will Dropboxs New Feature Be Enough

    Will Dropbox's New Feature Be Enough?

    Dropbox wants legitimacy in the Enterprise, and it’s racing to get all the boxes (no pun intended) checked that will win it official entry through company doors.  To be fair, according to Dropbox for Business product manager Anand Subramani, they already have 4 million users in businesses.

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  • What Microsoft Will Do to Keep Your Business

    What Microsoft Will Do to Keep Your Business

    Dropbox wants Enterprises to store their content in Dropbox. Box wants it in Box. Egnyte, Accellion, Syncplicity … you get the picture. They all want to be your provider as well. And Microsoft has something to lose if it lets that happen.

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  • Box Notes Takes Flight

    Box Notes Takes Flight

    Finding Box Notes in your Box iOS app may not seem like that big deal. But for Box users who want to create simple content or collaborate with their team mates while on the road, it could be huge.

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  • Box Watch No 2 100M More Please

    Box Watch No. 2: $100M More, Please

    Maybe Re/code has a bug  (of the non-insect variety) planted in Aaron Levie’s hair or an electronic tracking device imbedded in his shoes. But somehow the site has learned — and is now reporting —that Box is considering taking on $100 million from investors.

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  • Box Watch Were Talking About the IPO Again

    Box Watch: We're Talking About the IPO Again

    You know Box boss Aaron Levie can’t be sleeping too well — every time the guy blinks (or doesn’t) there’s news about his company’s impending IPO. And as much as Levie would probably like to comment every now and then, he’s got to keep his lips zipped.

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  • Will Streem(ing) Make Box More Alluring to Enterprises?

    Box wants to be the place where enterprises store, sync and share their content. We’re talking all of your content, all of the time, regardless of its format or size.

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  • Can Dropbox Buy Its Way into the Enterprise

    Can Dropbox Buy Its Way into the Enterprise?

    OK, we admit that we’re being a bit sarcastic here, but we actually have enough information to present a pretty good case around Dropbox trying to buy its way into the Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) market.

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  • Do Sync Share Files Belong on Public Clouds

    Do Sync & Share Files Belong on Public Clouds?

    With public cloud storage costs quickly heading toward zero, it may not make sense for some Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) providers to store customer files in their own data centers. Last night news broke that EFSS provider Egnyte will now leverage Google Cloud Services to store client files.

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  • On the Eve of Box's IPO, Dropbox Raises Its Enterprise Play

    While the battle between BYOD and company issued mobile devices is pretty much over (BYOD takes it all), the competition between Enterprise File Sync & Share providers seems to be getting more and more intense. It’s a bit unfortunate for Aaron Levie’s once red hot Box  which is trying to

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  • Sync This, Share That: What's Up in EFSS

    We know that we don’t have to tell you that the day when every worker at your company stores his content in the cloud isn’t too far away. In fact, at some enterprises, it’s already here.

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  • The Mobile Enterprise Wont Be Built in a Day

    The Mobile Enterprise Won't Be Built in a Day

    These complications have limited the payback that organizations have been able to reap from their BYO programs. Organizations are dealing with the first two items by limiting their approved list of supported devices, and by (finally) deploying mobile device management (MDM) or similar security solutions.

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