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  • durable links

    Durable Links Make SharePoint 2016 Files Unbreakable

    SharePoint 2016 Release To Manufacturing edition is already out and the final version, which will be out May 4. One of the features that some folks are pretty excited about is called Durable Links. Durable Links is a fancy name for a functionality that solves a problem.

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  • message in a bottle

    How SharePoint Messaging Has Evolved

    On March 14, a.k.a. Pi Day, Microsoft announced the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of SharePoint 2016. While the announcement has made the rounds, the community continues to wait for the virtual launch event and General Availability (GA), scheduled for May 4.

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  • lion tamer

    How to Tame the IT Beast

    The success of any given company is only as good as its IT governance. IT governance (or ITG) is the process that controls IT resources, enabling an organization to achieve its ultimate goals. CIOs are charged with bringing a beast to heel which can they no longer clearly see.

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  • adios candy heart

    So Long Google Search Appliance, Long Live Enterprise Search

    Google Enterprise Search Appliance's days are numbered.  And while the announcement has already received some great coverage in this space, I'd like to look at how the announcement may affect your strategy — whether or not you're a Google Search Appliance customer.

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  • broken mirror

    The Insecurity of Things

    The Internet of Things was such a beautiful idea … too beautiful for this world. We watched it move from being a standard talking point of innovation evangelists to being a serious priority for top CEOs the world over.

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  • Running for the plane

    Hard to Say Goodbye: Next Steps for Google Search Appliance Customers

    Google’s announcement that it will discontinue the Google Search Appliance (GSA) was the big story in enterprise search this month.  No new systems can be purchased. Resellers and partners can sell one-year license renewals for existing systems through 2017, to end in 2018.

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  • game of go

    Put Up or Shut Up: Strategic Information Security

    The idea of getting strategic around information is hardly new.  Records managers, IT enterprise content management (ECM) owners, information governance professionals, e-discovery owners — literally everyone involved in managing unstructured content — wants to stop being tactical and “get strategic” these days.

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  • couple behind EU stars

    For Data Protection Purposes, We Are All European Citizens

    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been years in the making.  The version agreed upon in December of 2015 began with a proposal from the European Commission in January of 2012 — but prior to that, years of work, discussions, papers and directives paved the way.

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  • hide and seek

    Why Data Insight Remains Elusive

    As someone who spends a lot of time talking about the power that data insight has to transform businesses, I have to admit that the truth hurts.  And the truth is that despite myriad advancements in modern big data platforms and technologies, most companies still lack data insight.

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  • church organ

    Pulling Out All the Stops on Search Training

    I have a passion for French organ music.  And over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to play on some large cathedral organs in the UK and US.  You can’t just turn up at a cathedral and ask to play.

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  • reading a map

    Reading Into Microsoft's Roadmap

    2015 was a year of transition for Microsoft.  It was a transition to embody the "Cloud First" promise of acting like a smaller company: iterating features at a faster pace and opening communications directly to users. And we can see signs of that evolution in Microsoft's online roadmap. Guiding Success The roadmap isn't new, but the level of transparency within it is. This transparency represents lessons learned from Yammer’s client facing communications strategies.  In this roadmap, Microsoft provides insight into canceled features, features in development, what's rolling out, what’s been released in preview and what has been successfully launched.

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  • star wars

    The Force Is Weak on Information Management

    Think Star Wars — and you probably don't think information management. But throughout the entire Star Wars series there have been epic instances of bad information management and disastrous knowledge management (not to mention abysmal information security, but that’s for a different article).

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  • downfall, fade

    Google Search Appliance Fades Away

    Last week Google told its reseller partners that the Google Enterprise Search Appliance (ESA) was going to be withdrawn from the market.  ESA three-year license terms will no longer be available and only one to two year renewal options will be offered to existing customers.

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  • highway at night

    Best of Both Worlds: Managing Bimodal IT Teams

    Leading an IT team into a bimodal model can be a little like trying to tame a two-headed hydra. In a sense, you’re dealing with two different beasts and the feat of getting both to exist in harmony may seem utterly impossible.

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