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  • teamwork

    Energize Your Enterprise With Collaboration

    The rapid development of new digital communication technology is changing the world as we know it. It’s changing our society, companies, entire industries. It’s changing the way we think and behave as individuals, consumers and employees. The fundamental driver is that the cost of communicating has collapsed.

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  • Douglas Gordon show MoMA, Play Dead

    Digital Transformation: The Elephant in the Room #DXS15

    The term "digital transformation" has rapidly risen into prominence in the last few months, crowding out earlier terms used to describe the intentional, (r)evolutionary change in organizations that emerging technology has driven. (Editor's Note: Stowe Boyd will be presenting a session on the business implications of the IoT on Nov. 3 at CMSWire's DX Summit 2015 in Chicago) Changing How We Do Business The introduction and maturation of communication technologies in the 1990s sparked the business

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  • people talking

    The Why's and the How's of 'Collaborating in a Social Era'

    What does an author who advocates for the power of collaboration do when he publishes a book? He gives part of it away. And that's what Oscar Berg has done with his first book, “Collaborating in a Social Era,” making most of the graphics included in the book

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  • Adam Pisoni

    Adam Pisoni: Changing How We Work is a Messy Process

    Too much information is a problem, and it’s getting worse.  Information overload hampers our ability to focus on what matters and inhibits productivity. The driver of much of the overload is the overuse of email as the solution to all workplace communication challenges.

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  • let the right one in

    Collaborating Externally with Office 365

    Companies — from small operations to large enterprises — struggle with building and maintaining a well-defined and executed external collaboration strategy. But the ability to engage with customers, partners and other external parties sets businesses apart from the competition, and offers a strategic advantage.

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  • decorative object with two faces

    3 Ways to Change Your Attitude - and Improve Productivity

    Getting stuck is frustrating.  But whether we're solving a problem, writing a book or preparing a presentation, sometimes we reach a dead end.  For some reason, we can’t complete our thought or brainstorm the next big idea, leaving our current work feeling flat and lifeless.

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  • rescue sign

    Social, to Knowledge Management's Rescue?

    Knowledge management — as most people think of it — never existed. So anyone proclaiming its "death" can't be right. How can something that never existed die? Let me explain. Knowledge Management Meets Enterprise 2.0 Last week I read an interesting article by Nick Inglis (@nickinglis), “Knowledge Management rises from the dead.”

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  • scan the horizon

    SharePoint Cloud Search: What's In it For You

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that SharePoint 2016 IT Preview came out last month.

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  • Sky painting

    The Path to Productivity Leads to the Cloud

    What's going on in the land of cloud productivity? Or more specifically, what's going on in the land of cloud productivity, Microsoft style?  As many of you know, I am fully ensconced in the Microsoft ecosystem, so stop reading now if you haven't drunk the Kool-Aid.

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  • pointing fingers

    Don't Blame Vendors for Your Mobile Intranet Failure

    Organizations have pushed information and communications technology out to field workers for decades, including (if you go back far enough) telephone linemen physically connecting a “mobile” handset to telephone wires with crocodile clips.

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  • Gerrit van Honthorst, the concert

    What's Behind Microsoft Project's Renaissance

    Microsoft Project has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple DOS program in 1984. Via an ever maturing desktop version, Project is now part of the Office 365 family, with a strong "online" variant and a powerful "server" product.

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  • actors read through

    Intranets Aren't Essential (But They Still Have a Role to Play)

    Should intranets be essential to a business? Logic says yes. Intranets should aim to support the most important elements of a business, and thereby become essential. But often found behind such an objective is a desire to drive traffic to an intranet in the belief that high usage constitutes success.

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  • climbing Mt. Lemmon

    Take Your Mobile Adoption to the Next Level

    The script has flipped. Business used to be the driving force behind technological innovation. But with the increasing pervasiveness of mobile, consumer apps are the ones propelling the biggest advances in the workplace.

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  • Doctors Without Borders

    Bringing Mobile Content Management to the Field

    What do doctors in disaster zones, lumberjacks in forests and social workers in the UK have in common? They’re all part of the growing — but largely hidden — workforces who are using mobile to transform their working day.

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