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    Your Intranet Probably Sucks - And Here’s Why

    Agility, speed and the ability to adapt to changing conditions are key attributes of growing companies. They are key elements that separate them from stagnant companies. But odds are your intranet is killing your company’s chances at staying lean and agile.  Your employees can’t find what they’re seeking.

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  • office building

    There's Hope For Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

    Technology is often described as an enabler, but technology trends and concepts can also shape how we view the world. Depending on your point of view, you might see the workplace as a complicated human-powered machine that needs to be maintained for peak performance.

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  • traffic light tree

    Remove Your Collaboration Roadblocks

    A lot of articles about collaboration assume that people work in a perfect company, just sitting around waiting for the green light to jump in.  This isn’t one of them. If you want collaboration to happen across an organization it must be effortless for your employees — it’s that simple.

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  • my robot friend

    Next Generation Digital Workplace: Where Human Meets Robot

    When Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson spoke with each other on Oct. 9, 1876, across a three kilometer telephone wire stretched between Cambridge and Boston, the concept of the "digital workplace" was born.

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  • priorities

    SharePoint Is Evolving: What's Your Game Plan?

    SharePoint is once again in a state of transition.  A major factor driving the transition has been SharePoint's move to the cloud, which began with Microsoft Managed Services (MMS) and Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS), but sped up under the rebranding with the Office 365 logo.

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  • looking at myself in the mirror

    Is Your Collaboration More About Me, Myself and I?

    Collaboration within medium and large organizations typically falls under a pull model: collaborating to pull knowledge out of the network to get a job done. Simple, basic collaboration, often driven more by technology vendors than by our own prescribed needs.

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    CMSWire Tweet Jam: Collaborating Without Borders #SocBizChat

    As more and more companies make the shift to a digital workplace, employees have to find ways to efficiently work with others, wherever they may be.

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  • end of the road

    The End of Social Business as We Know It?

    Does Microsoft’s recent layoff of 40 Yammer Customer Success Managers spell the end of social business? I think the answer is yes … and no.

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  • exercise bike for three

    Collaboration is an Inside-Out Exercise

    For several years now, organizations — across industries — have been shifting away from top-down, command-and-control organizational structures in recognition that employees need to feel more empowered and autonomous in order to increase motivation and engagement.

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  • telephone boxes

    Comparing 6 SharePoint Intranets-in-a-Box

    Creating an intranet on SharePoint can be a slow process – six months is good going; 18 months is not uncommon. Shortcutting this process with a readymade solution sounds appealing and a growing list of vendors offer this option.

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  • bright lights

    Linking the Internal Digital Workplace to External Success

    A few years ago I managed a custom-built extranet solution for a global professional services firm, which helped coordinate internal global projects across member firms. It supported project management by gathering data and tracking progress on complex global accounts.

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  • hanging out on a mountain

    How Technology Makes Non-Routine Work Routine

    The challenges businesses leaders face today are coming at speeds incomprehensible just a few years ago. And one person solving them alone is not an option. More than ever, success means deepening collaboration and embracing transparency.

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  • baking ingredients

    Your Collaborative Team Building Ingredients

    Your work culture is ready. You've got unified collaboration software tools in place. The stage is set, you've done the groundwork.  And then ....  Your team doesn't collaborate.

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  • snakes and ladders

    Collaboration Snakes and Ladders

    Let’s play snakes and ladders. Collaboration snakes and ladders.

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