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  • grandmother and granddaughter working together on a laptop

    Designing Digital Customer Experiences for the Pandemic Age

    A digital-first strategy is a necessity to engage with customers during the pandemic, but businesses are realizing their experiences don't work for everyone.

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  • millennials

    OMG Marketers: Enough Already with Millennials

    Could everyone please shut up about millennials? They're not exotic creatures from the lost continent of Atlantis, for the love of money mobile wallets. They're just young adults. In spite of ongoing efforts to lionize them, they're not much different from you and mewhen we were the same age

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  • List Websites by Audience Demographics with Quantcast

    Quantcast this week launches a service which enables searching of websites according to key readership demographics. The new facility enables marketers to enter a list of demographic parameters, and returns a list of websites whose readership matches those criteria. As an example, if a marketer is targeting black male readers,

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