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  • Office Delve Wants You to Work Like a Network Conv15

    Office Delve Wants You to Work Like a Network #Conv15

    Office Delve can surface data in email and social feeds. Julia White, general manager for the Office 365 team, made the announcement at Microsoft's Convergence 2015 in Atlanta today. During the next two months, Delve will be made available to all users on Office 365 business plans, she explained.

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  • Microsoft Will Offer a Peek at SharePoint 2016 at Ignite

    Microsoft said today that it plans to give customers a glimpse of SharePoint Server 2016 at its mega-conference in Chicago in May. The news confirms what Bill Baer, senior product manager for SharePoint, told Todd Klindt, a SharePoint Consultant at Rackspace Hosting, last month.

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  • Microsoft Leaks Offer a Glimpse of SharePoint 2016

    Microsoft Leaks Offer a Glimpse of SharePoint 2016

    Microsoft has started leaking news about SharePoint 2016 — and they suggest the company plans to showcase an early edition at Ignite, its upcoming all-in-one conference for everyone from senior decision makers, IT pros and "big thinkers" and to enterprise developers and architects.

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  • Rethinking Work with Office Graph and Delve

    Microsoft began rolling out Office Graph and Delve in September of last year and by now, most tenants have access. So now's the time to think about how we can use them in a more conscious way.

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  • AvePoint Update Looks Ahead to SharePoint 2016 Release

    AvePoint Update Looks Ahead to SharePoint 2016 Release

    Some Service Packs have long and useful futures. Some just crawl away under the IT bed and expire. AvePoint’s new DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 5 falls into the former category.

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  • 4 Directions For SharePoint and Office 365 in 2015

    4 Directions For SharePoint and Office 365 in 2015

    It’s going to be a big year for SharePoint, but details about what to expect are fuzzy. Microsoft has promised a new on-premise version will be released later this year. However, it has been less forthcoming about SharePoint Online in Office 365.

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  • Stay Alert The Future of the Activity Stream

    Stay Alert: The Future of the Activity Stream

    How do you keep track of everything going on that might affect your work? It’s probably a combination of internal and external social media, email, word of mouth and a whole range of other notifications, an approach that can be both ineffective and overwhelming.

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  • Office 365 2014 Highlights Preparing for 2015

    Office 365: 2014 Highlights, Preparing for 2015

    We've heard a lot about the "new" Microsoft over the last few years, complete with promises of fast innovation and the impact this would have on existing products. Microsoft delivered on these promises in 2014, with the addition of many new features and products within Office 365.

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  • Build Better Knowledge Management

    Build Better Knowledge Management

    Long before Google Glass wearers made the news (and became pariahs within San Francisco-area coffee houses and restaurants), research projects at huge companies like IBM and Microsoft sought to bridge the gap between the capture and storage of corporate knowledge and intellectual property, and the difficult-to-archive individual narrative that attempted

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  • The SharePoint Landscape from 30000 Feet

    The SharePoint Landscape from 30,000 Feet

    If SharePoint were a character in a movie, it would be Rocky Balboa, or maybe Mark Twain (“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”).

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  • Microsoft Wants to De-Clutter Your Inbox

    An empty email inbox is apparently a new status symbol in the IT industry — and vendors are lining up to provide products designed to help you manage your mail. Google has already introduced its Inbox, and now Microsoft is bringing Graph to inboxes to make them smarter.

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  • Microsoft Delve is Nice But are Other Options Better

    Microsoft Delve is Nice, But are Other Options Better?

    Microsoft has finally announced the release of Delve, a project that had been hidden under the code name Oslo and about which little was known.

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  • Securing Social Business in Office 365

    Securing Social Business in Office 365

    Microsoft continues to weave the web around Office 365 tighter and tighter. Over the past few months it has added more and more functionality to Office 365 and expanded its reach across and even beyond the enterprise. It is now adding additional security to keep enterprise data safe.

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  • Office Graph From a Partners Perspective

    Office Graph From a Partner's Perspective

    When Microsoft showcased the power of Office Graph through Project Oslo, the Microsoft partner community collectively wondered about extensibility and API access. But as with many Microsoft products, it will take the greater partner community to push Office Graph into the mainstream.

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