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  • Yammer Polishes iOS Expands to Android Wearables

    Yammer Polishes iOS, Expands to Android Wearables

    When Microsoft said earlier in the week that Yammer wasn’t merely the social layer for SharePoint, it meant it. Last night, it unveiled a new round of upgrades for Yammer that will make it more mobile and embedded across the wider Microsoft portfolio.

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  • 4 Directions For SharePoint and Office 365 in 2015

    4 Directions For SharePoint and Office 365 in 2015

    It’s going to be a big year for SharePoint, but details about what to expect are fuzzy. Microsoft has promised a new on-premise version will be released later this year. However, it has been less forthcoming about SharePoint Online in Office 365.

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  • Apple Profits Pop With iPhone 6 Sales at Home and Abroad

    Apple Profits Pop With iPhone 6 Sales at Home and Abroad

    Apple isn't breaking a sweat over slipping iPad sales: iPhone sales are making up the difference. In fact, it sold 74.5 million iPhones in the past quarter, some 12 million more than predicted. And that helped generate the largest profit in Apple corporate history: $18 billion on revenues of $74.

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  • 6 Best People Practices In ECM

    Surprise, surprise. Nearly half of the companies that responded to research by nonprofit knowledge consultancy APQC report their organizations are poor content managers. While firms are gravitating toward the slickest, newest technologies, nothing can replace a well-developed enterprise content management strategy (ECM), the research found.

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  • Office For Windows 10 Optimizes Mobile Touchscreen

    Office For Windows 10 Optimizes Mobile, Touchscreen

    During this week's Windows 10 reveal event, Microsoft gave a glimpse of the future. And yesterday Microsoft’s Julia White, general manager for Office Product Management, provided a few more details. Here's what we know.

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  • The Holistic View of the Customer Experience

    There's a consensus that if you want to be successful on line, you’re going to have to deliver an exceptional customer experience, something that leaves others trailing. Of course, there are many opinions on how to do that. E-Spirit, for example, has a very particular notion of what customer experience involves.

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  • Salesforce Connects to SharePoint with Universal File Sharing

    Salesforce Connects to SharePoint with Universal File Sharing

    After more than a year in development — and the inking of a strategic partnership between two companies that never had a lot of nice things to say to each other before last May — announced the release of Salesforce Files Connect.

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  • Microsoft Pushes Yammer Deeper Into Enterprises

    Microsoft Pushes Yammer Deeper Into Enterprises

    Microsoft is pushing Yammer deeper into the enterprise with the addition of Yammer to the Office 365 K1 plan. It’s a small step forward, but gives users who don’t have desks access to it where they didn’t have access before.

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  • Here's a Way to Pull Your Project Data Together in Office 365

    Although Microsoft has been developing Office 365 at a ferocious rate recently, it still remains a suite of individual applications designed to accomplish specific tasks. To enhance user navigation, has developed a single screen view of those applications and what’s happening in them.

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  • An ECM Space Oddity Still Chaotic After 6 Years 2001 Stories

    An ECM Space Oddity: Still Chaotic After 6 Years, 2001 Stories

    Six years and 2001 posts ago, when I started covering ECM for CMSWire, the single biggest issue was the struggle to keep content chaos at bay. Fast forward to last week and the problem remains.

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  • Ramp Introduces Native Video For SharePoint smwest

    Ramp Introduces Native Video For SharePoint #smwest

    Video for SharePoint or Office 365! Before this week, it was a pretty low key affair. Now Microsoft is launching a video service. And just yesterday, video experience provider Ramp released what it says is the first enterprise-class, self-service webcasting solution for SharePoint.

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  • Microsoft Adds Video Service to Office 365

    Microsoft Adds Video Service to Office 365

    Video and video management is no longer a missing link in Office 365. Microsoft is now offering Office 365 Video to its First Release customers. It will make it available to most Office 365 plans for enterprise early next year.

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  • Real Story Group Maps Digital Workplace, MarTech Space

    Real Story Group (RSG), an independent analyst firm, just released an update to its Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology vendor map. Given the scope of this technology space, it is hardly surprising that this one contains as many vendors are there are stations in the New York City subway.

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  • Microsoft Tightens Yammer, Office 365 Integration

    Isn’t it just great when vendors keep their promises? That's just what Microsoft is doing with it's latest move towards deeper integration of Yammer and Office 365.

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