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  • God Help Me, I'm a DAM Geek

    I recently sat on a DAM discussion panel during which I repeatedly mouthed off about the way DAM ought to be if, you know, it were entirely up to me. A woman came up afterward and said, “I love hearing you talk about DAM because you’re so passionate about it.

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  • Marketing Automation vs. You

    You might not know it, but you’re killing one of the best things to ever happen to you as a consumer. And you’re doing it for all the right reasons. Marketing Automation is a powerful (relatively new) technology that’s on a collision course with criminality.  This is unfortunate because Marketing Automation can

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  • 5 Good Reasons to Avoid DAM Software

    I’ve worked in Digital Asset Management software marketing for more than 14 years. In that time, while I’ve been doing everything I can to shine a light on the benefits of DAM, I’ve heard DAM naysayers make convincing arguments to the contrary.

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  • REVIEW: Free DAM Survival Guide Provides Intro for Organizations

    Digital asset management, according to David Diamond’s DAM Survival Guide, is “like dental floss.” If you use it every day, the “long-term benefits are significant,” even though both are inconvenient, tedious and do not display their benefits immediately.  But reading Diamond’s DAM Survival Guide, now available in a

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  • Cloud DAM vs On-site: There is No Real Contest

    One needn’t go far to find a juicy argument that pits Cloud-based (SaaS) digital asset management against on-site (on-premises) or installed solutions. The debate is everywhere, and it seems the primary arguments are always the same.

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  • The Metadata Lifecycle for Digital Content

    Classifying metadata values along a “content lifecycle” timeline is an interesting exercise that can make your DAM easier to use and maintain.

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  • Forget the Buzzwords, Focus on the Work

    When you think about how highly we value things like enterprise content sharing and digital asset management, it’s really a wonder our parents were ever able to function in business at all.

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  • Digital Asset Management's Missing Context of Discussion

    Ever had one of those discussions in which neither you nor the person with whom you were speaking seemed to understand one another? No matter how many different ways you restate your points, it’s clear that meaningful communication is not what’s taking place. What goes on between a DAM and

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  • DAM Lowdown: How Much Are Your Digital Assets Worth?

    This week in DAM, we learn how much your digital assets are worth, how to survive DAM and how one company aims to innovate DAM solutions.  How Much Are Your Digital Assets Worth? JumpTime, a technology company that optimizes ROI on digital content investments, has announced their first

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