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  • Im Not the Dammed Newbie Here

    I'm Not the Damned Newbie Here

    There are few aspects of my professional life that I enjoy less than evaluating enterprise software. Granted, my company sells enterprise software, and I’m in charge of marketing it, so I get the irony here. But while enterprise software vendors increasingly focus on user experience, we are sorely deficient in

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  • What to Put into Your DAM

    What to Put into Your DAM

    Among the questions those new to digital asset management ask most is perhaps the most obvious question imaginable: What should I put into my DAM? The correct answer is that it depends on the policies you’ve developed to govern your DAM. Just like it depends on your goals.

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  • CMSWires Top 10 Hits of 2014 Digital Asset Management

    CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2014: Digital Asset Management

    If you chose a theme song for Digital Asset Management (DAM) technologies in the past year, it might be "Ball of Confusion.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2014 - David Diamond

    David Diamond believes that the more people know about DAM, the more the Digital Asset Management industry can move forward.

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  • SEO is Killing Content Quality

    Search engine optimization (SEO) tips include website design best practices for how to get Google to rank your content higher in search engine results placement or SERP. In fact, the preceding sentence is a great example of just how cumbersome this practice has made Web-based communications.

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  • Digital Asset Management as a Medication

    Digital Asset Management as a Medication

    Among those cure-alls is digital asset management software. Many DAM vendors try to package up DAM as a knight in shining armor that’s a simple double-click away from cleaning up the mess it took you and your coworkers years to make. It’s not your fault, they tell you, it’s society.

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  • Library Science, Not Library Silence

    It’s no secret that I’m a fan of adding information professionals to digital asset management teams.

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  • Reinventing Digital Asset Management

    When one compares the user experience of something like Mail Chimp to digital asset management software, it’s easy to see why people complain that DAM software can be cumbersome to use.

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  • Shutter the Sales Funnel

    Shutter the Sales Funnel

    As form publishers find they are able to ask for less and less personal information (and get away with it), some panic, thinking they're losing the best, cheapest lead stream they know. And, without a doubt, they are. This article continues that discussion started in Free Me From Your Website Forms, but from the perspective

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  • Free Me From Your Website Forms

    Free Me From Your Website Forms

    Each time you click that Submit button, submit is exactly what you do. Your personal information is sucked into some computer where you become a “prospect.” You hope the collecting organization won’t spam you or worse, sell your information to other companies.

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  • Getting Started with Digital Asset Management

    DAM education materials used to be scarce. We had Peter Krogh’s now legendary DAM Book, but the book’s “Digital Asset Management for photographers” subtitle left a sizable portion of would-be DAM professionals feeling left out. (Even though they should have read the book anyway.

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  • Lost in the DAM

    Lost in the DAM

    Often surprising to digital asset management (DAM) newcomers is that it can be easier to lose files inside a DAM than it is to lose files that aren't inside the DAM.

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  • Why Images Don't Belong in Your DAM

    Most organizations use digital asset management to manage images. It has always been this way and it will likely continue to be this way for some time. After all, images are the thing DAM does best.

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  • A Look at Pictureparks LearnDAM Initiative

    A Look at Picturepark's #LearnDAM Initiative

    Given the proliferation of content marketing, it can be hard to find reliable non-vendor educational content on a specific subject. For David Diamond at digital asset management (DAM) vendor Picturepark, the answer – at least for digital asset management (DAM) education – lies in a hashtag.

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