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  • a mining site in Indonesia

    Transform the Global Supply Chain with Multi-Party Innovation

    How can companies ensure their products are ethically sourced without contributing to even greater corruption and economic hardship?

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  • ants work together to get things done

    CMOs: We're Only As Strong as Our Alliances

    There’s an old Spanish saying, “Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.”  Or, “Tell me whom you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are.

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  • good dog, smart dog

    What Academia Can Teach Businesses About Collaboration

    For obvious reasons, businesses are rarely inclined to work closely with their competitors. The fear that rivals will discover R&D secrets, poach customers or infringe on their intellectual property (IP) makes most companies highly suspicious of working with "the enemy."  Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies ...

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  • looking at myself in the mirror

    Is Your Collaboration More About Me, Myself and I?

    Collaboration within medium and large organizations typically falls under a pull model: collaborating to pull knowledge out of the network to get a job done. Simple, basic collaboration, often driven more by technology vendors than by our own prescribed needs.

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  • 2015-16-October-TweetJam-Logo

    CMSWire Tweet Jam: Collaborating Without Borders #SocBizChat

    As more and more companies make the shift to a digital workplace, employees have to find ways to efficiently work with others, wherever they may be.

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  • exercise bike for three

    Collaboration is an Inside-Out Exercise

    For several years now, organizations — across industries — have been shifting away from top-down, command-and-control organizational structures in recognition that employees need to feel more empowered and autonomous in order to increase motivation and engagement.

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  • bright lights

    Linking the Internal Digital Workplace to External Success

    A few years ago I managed a custom-built extranet solution for a global professional services firm, which helped coordinate internal global projects across member firms. It supported project management by gathering data and tracking progress on complex global accounts.

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  • hanging out on a mountain

    How Technology Makes Non-Routine Work Routine

    The challenges businesses leaders face today are coming at speeds incomprehensible just a few years ago. And one person solving them alone is not an option. More than ever, success means deepening collaboration and embracing transparency.

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  • in person collaboration

    Familiarity Breeds Collaboration

    We’ve all done it. You're sitting there, chatting online with someone, and you fire off a quick sarcastic joke complete with a smiley face. It’s a joke that's worked a thousand times.  And yet this time it upsets the other person.

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  • baking ingredients

    Your Collaborative Team Building Ingredients

    Your work culture is ready. You've got unified collaboration software tools in place. The stage is set, you've done the groundwork.  And then ....  Your team doesn't collaborate.

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  • hike

    What's the Endgame of Collaboration?

    It's all too easy to get to a point where collaborating just ... stops.  When, despite our best efforts, we get lost in the maze of process that's part of any complex organization and tell ourselves we'll collaborate tomorrow, when we have more time.

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  • late night office building

    A Look at How Your Software is Made

    First there was waterfall. Then came agile. Agile begat lean. Now design thinking is having its moment in the sun.  Software development has changed tremendously in the last 15 years.

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  • paddling in a canoe

    Easing the Way to External Collaboration

    At one time or another, we've all found ourselves with a question that no one in the immediate vicinity could answer. And depending on the organization, finding and making the most of that expertise either ended in new opportunities or a source of frustration.

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  • subway passenger, through a window

    Next Stop, The Cognitive Business Era

    Driving in heavy traffic on I-5, listening to a National Public Radio story on information overload, with my Apple Watch relentlessly buzzing my wrist, I realize I’m the living embodiment of overload. The ways we connect digitally with one another have improved dramatically over the past 20 years.

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