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  • Adobe Changes Pricing Structure for Marketing Campaigns

    Adobe is introducing a new pricing plan for its campaign management service. Starting in January, Adobe Campaign, one of six digital marketing units the company includes in its Marketing Cloud services, will no longer charge customers on CPM or cost-per-thousand emails pricing.

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  • Web Publishing Roll-Up: Rise and Advise

    In this week's installment, online advertising gets a lift, newspapers get schooled and MSNBC goes hyperlocal. On the Rise A recent report shows that online advertising is rebounding slightly. Adify, a firm that manages online ad networks for media companies released a report on CPM pricing for display ads.

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  • Web Advertising Headed For Affiliate Marketing Scheme?

    According to the report Nothing But Net: Outlook for Global Internet Stocks in 2009, released on Monday (Jan. 5, 2009) by J.P. Morgan Securities Inc., performance-based advertising has gained a larger and larger share of the total online advertising market over the past five years.

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