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  • OneSize Fits All Selling Backfires with Small Businesses

    One-Size Fits All Selling Backfires with Small Businesses

    While some small business purchase behavior is similar to their larger brethren, most B2B sales people don’t recognize they differentiations between how the “S” of SMBs purchase.

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  • Death by PowerPoint and Other Sales Training Fails Infographic

    'Death by PowerPoint' and Other Sales Training Fails [Infographic]

    Earlier this year I was at an annual two-day sales training event for a global software company. The venue, meals and entertainment had been painstakingly planned to ensure everyone had a memorable time. Unfortunately the actual training portion of the event was not so memorable.

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  • The Customer Intent Wake Up Call

    The Customer Intent Wake Up Call

    Companies aspiring to be customer-aligned add a few more dials to the conversation -- what should the chief customer officer be measured on, beef up the customer success team, invest in employee engagement / culture initiatives, innovate their customer engagement strategy, and/or shift from a product-feature-pushing sales model to a 

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  • Omnichannel Experience is a Matter of Perspective

    Omnichannel Experience is a Matter of Perspective

    Omnichannel is rapidly taking over the customer engagement conversation, but it's more than just a new label. Omnichannel, according to the Winterberry Group, is defined as “seeking to promote a long term, channel agnostic approach to managing and optimizing (customer) relationships.

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  • Are You Playing WhacAMole With Customer Experience

    Are You Playing Whac-A-Mole With Customer Experience?

    CEOs and management teams agree on these points on an intellectual level, but emotionally, the new reality is a hard one to swallow. In the good old days Sales was the key to customer’s success. Having that level of influence is hard to let go of.

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  • The Problem with Lead Scoring

    Marketing automation helped marketers gain a deeper understanding of their target buyer and develop the right messaging, calls to actions and campaigns. But the real big win to come from marketing automation was supposed to be lead scoring.

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  • If You Want Real Time Marketing ROI, Know Your Buyer

    Everyone -- especially technology vendors -- agrees that personalized, contextually relevant marketing is the most effective way to attract, engage and convert buyers. Do it right and you’ll break through the noise and spur your buyer into action. Excel and you’ll build a positive, persistent relationship with your customers.

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  • A CEO's Guide to Navigating Customer Expectations

    B2B companies are waking up to the fact that success demands consistently delivering on customer expectations over the relationship’s lifetime. A recent IBM study  found that CEOs are worried that their management teams don’t fully understand the expectations of prospects and customers, or how to operationalize their customer experience strategy

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  • Will 2014 Be a Turning Point for Marketing

    Will 2014 Be a Turning Point for Marketing? released its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 2014 State of Marketing study (registration) this week. With over 2,600 responses from mid to senior B2C marketing managers, in large to small companies across all industries, the study reveals how marketers plan to spend their budgets, their strategies for success, along with some blind-spots.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Christine Crandell

    B2B marketers have found a champion in Christine Crandell. She understands the pressures, the challenges and the conflicts that marketers face daily and is here to broker a truce between marketing and sales and to align the two in a united front to create business value and a great

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  • Three Big Myths That Keep You From Being Customer-Centric

    Everyone, it seems, has jumped on the customer [insert favorite objective here] bandwagon. Articles, studies and best practices abound, each heralding the financial benefits of aligning your organization outward to how customers go about their daily lives. Even Mark Hurd, Oracle’s President, has been evangelizing the need for companies to make the transition. Not, he claims, because Oracle

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  • The Ginsu Knife of Journey Mapping

    Remember the Ginsu Knife? It sliced and diced its way into infomercial gold back in the '70s. Customer journey mapping is poised to do the same for companies bent on becoming customer-driven organizations.  Back in the 1970s the Ginsu  was a popular commercial promoting a multi-purpose, durable knife that rivaled

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  • How 'Quote-to-Cash' Might Cause the Dinosaurs of Enterprise Software to Dance

    Just how exciting can a contract management, pricing and sales quoting vendor be? Turns out it might just shake up the enterprise software industry. Software user conferences are annual homage-paying events. It doesn't matter if it’s a mega-event like Salesforce’s DreamWorld or a small vendor’s.

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  • What Successful B2B CMOs Will Do in 2014

    It’s been said that the night is darkest right before the dawn of a new day. The same may be true for the dark days of B2B marketing.

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