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  • Qlik CTO Anthony Deighton

    At Qlik Qonnections, Intelligence Comes From Data + Humans

    If anyone thought business intelligence and visualization provider Qlik would fade into the background after private equity provider Thoma Bravo acquired it for $3 billion last August, this morning should have quelled their fears. "We are going to show you more than we have ever shown you.

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  • taking a nap in a parked car

    How to Conquer Analytics Dashboard Fatigue

    Business leaders are experiencing fatigue following the onslaught of big data and analytics hype over the past few years. They’ve listened to the “experts” and spent millions on infrastructure, cloud computing and business intelligence tools, expecting to gain transformative insights.

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  • an abstract of data stacks

    The Right Way to Make Your Data Deliver

    Data is valuable: worldwide revenues for business analytics are expected to grow from $130 billion in 2016 to more than $203 billion in 2020. But some companies remain unclear on the true capabilities offered by these analytics.

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  • businessperson at a computer

    Democratizing BI to Give SMBs Access to Complex Data Analytics

    Business intelligence has earned itself a snobby reputation. For non-enterprise organizations or — in my case — as a marketer, that reputation has led to both technophobia as well as an aversion to big data.

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  • Microsoft Power BI

    Microsoft Integrates Power BI in SharePoint Online

    Microsoft has made another significant step in pulling SharePoint Online deeper into the wider Office 365 productivity suite.   In a little remarked-upon announcement on the Power BI blog last week, Senior Program Manager Lukasz Pawlowski announced the availability of the Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online.

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  • skygarden during the day

    Want Business Innovation? Optimize Your Operations

    What’s the most important role of IT in an organization?  Is it “keeping the lights on” or sparking innovation?  Apparently, it’s a tossup. According to’s 2017 State of the CIO survey, 72 percent of IT executives say balancing innovation and operational excellence is a constant challenge — the

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  • In Hidden Figures, three women challenge racism at NASA Hopper Stone/courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

    3 Tips for Communicating With Remote Analytics Specialists

    If you've seen the movie “Hidden Figures,” you may recall a scene between mathematician Katherine Johnson and Al Harrison, director of the NASA Space Task Group.

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  • looking ahead

    Are You Ready for These Big Data Trends?

    2017 will see some major changes in the big data ecosystem, driven in part by two trends. Both trends offer opportunities for data-driven organizations to stay ahead of the curve — but only if they take the time to do some preparation now.  1. Hadoop Gets Put to the Test – Here's How to Help It Pass Apache Hadoop distribution vendors have crossed the

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  • magnifying glass

    How to Get the Most out of Power BI

    Management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  This statement has never been more relevant.  Businesses have access to unprecedented amounts of data, but all that data means nothing unless they can turn it into insights.

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  • red and while piled sticks

    Essential Building Blocks of an Effective Self-Service BI Strategy

    Disruption, then wider adoption: that's the result when Moore's Law meets business intelligence (BI). As BI implementations continue to drop in cost, enterprises increasingly rely on their own home-brewed BI solutions for internal use.

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  • Man Sitting Facing Pc Inside Room

    How Analytics and BI Shaped the Modern Organization

    In the past few years, we’ve seen how analytics help data-driven organizations outperform peer groups and create more innovative opportunities. Today, analytics defines the modern organization by harnessing its collective intelligence. This next-gen collaboration combines the wisdom of people with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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  • a lot of empty seats in a stadium

    Why Content Analytics Still Hasn't Hit the Big Time

    How many organizations know what content they have, let alone how it's used and in what context? Content analytics (CA) applications were introduced as a means to provide that information. Content analytics applies business intelligence (BI) and business analytics practices to uncover usage patterns in enterprise content.

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  • two women on laptops

    Overcome the Data Analytics Skills Gap with Citizen Analysts

    Data's unprecedented growth, both internally and externally, has made it impossible for modern organizations to rely solely on specialists to solve all their data analytics needs.

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  • sky above the courtyard of a highrise building

    Mastering Business Complexity With Intelligent Adaptive Technology

    Businesses are being promised unbridled productivity and unmatched efficiencies with adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but it’s not entirely clear how that will occur.

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