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  • Big Data Bits: Making Sense Edition

    For all we write about Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases and the geeky IT-facing side of big data, what really matters is how it brings value to knowledge workers.

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  • Big Data Bits: Strata + Hadoop World Rewind

    Last week was huge in the booming world of big data with vendors simultaneously chasing market share and sharing innovations on the big stage at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, Calif.

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  • Big Data Gets Smarter Infographic

    Big Data Gets Smarter [Infographic]

    Data scientists may be scarce, but big data news certainly isn’t. Quite frankly it’s hard to keep up with it all. While in a world of unlimited space and time we’d be able to shed light on everything that’s notable, we can’t because our world is a bit more limited.

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  • Big Data Briefs: Focus on Databricks, Basho, Teradata, MemSQL

    Big data isn't the “new oil” that will make us all smarter, richer, healthier. It’s just the oil without which you cannot run a business.

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  • Big Data Bits: Spotlight on EMC, VMware, MongoDB, Hortonworks

    Big data and the vendors that help us leverage it are “all that” in 2015. The evangelists have created believers. Enterprises are strategizing and implementing, their pilots are done. And entrepreneurs are crushing data and creating smart products, the kind we haven’t seen before.

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  • Big Data Bits Its Free Be Happy Edition

    Big Data Bits: It's Free, Be Happy Edition

    We’re not covering the cloud, containers or the Hadoop wars this week. Instead we’re appealing to your sense of adventure and curiosity by pointing you to some things you might want to check out, in case you missed them.

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  • Faking Big Data #strataconf

    Sorry folks, but this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Anytime a new technology or field emerges, so does a group of posers.

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  • Big Data Bits: Big Data Smarts

    Yesterday Salesforce completed its acquisition of RelateIQ, a startup that combines CRM and data science to get the right messages to the right person at the right time. The sales price was $392,133,512 -- not bad for a company that was founded three years ago.

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  • Big Data Bits Big Data Empowered

    Big Data Bits: Big Data Empowered

    The analysts say that big data is maturing, that we’re no longer in an investigative mode and that instead we’re getting busy.

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  • Big Data Bits MongoDB Edition Theres a Prize Inside

    Big Data Bits: MongoDB Edition + There's a Prize Inside

    Small pieces loosely joined in a non-zero sum world. Write that phrase down and wrap your brain around it because that’s how the vendors who are shaping computing’s next platform are thinking. It’s not about “I win, you lose,” but about how well we can play and build something together.

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  • Big Data Bits Were HookingUp But Thats Not All

    Big Data Bits: We're Hooking-Up, But That's Not All

    Does an alliance or partnership between two tech companies have as much impact as a new software release? We wonder if anyone has ever done the calculations. If so, please share.

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  • Big Data Bits: Cloud, Security, Power, Analytics Edition

    Hadoop, Hadoop distros and the technologies and analytics around big data keep getting more widespread and more pragmatic to use because the benefits of leveraging them are now both proven and obvious. Rather than pontificate further, we’ll just bring you the notable news we think is worthy of your attention.

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  • Big Data Bits Data for All Edition

    Big Data Bits: Data for All Edition

    So this week’s edition of Big Data Bits is all about A Players and it comes in two parts. The first part we’re calling Big Data for All because it features big data insight enablers like Platfora, FirstRain, Tableau and Birst.

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  • Big Data Bits Its a Hadoop Centered World

    Big Data Bits: It's a Hadoop Centered World

    Hadoop sits at the center of big data. So does the news around the ecosystem, there’s a lot of it.

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