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    Are Google Apps for Work's ROI Claims Pie in the Sky?

    With the release of its new Forrester study yesterday, Google moved to quantify the range of productivity gains and collaboration savings users of its Google Apps for Work suite can experience.

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    Google vs. Microsoft: Which Cloud Productivity Platform Wins?

    Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are both cloud productivity platforms aimed at companies. But that's where the similarity ends, especially in terms of user demographics.

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  • Wefi Helps You Track Your Customers

    Wefi Helps You Track Your Customers

    The Mobile Stalker Marketing space has a new player. OK, we know these marketing tech software providers aren't out to enable stalkers. But the technology does provide stalker-like qualities, doesn't it? Watch your potential customer's every move — in-store, at-home or on-the-go. The latest is wefi, a Menlo Park,

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  • How a CRM App is Helping Google Best Microsoft 365

    Google has been incrementally making its workplace products more and more functional — all, it seems, with one goal in mind. It would like to eat Microsoft Office 365's lunch. When it first launched Google Apps (now called Google for Work), the best feature was the cost.

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  • Appcelerator Eyes Big Fish in Mobile App Dev Space

    Appcelerator Eyes Big Fish in Mobile App Dev Space

    Appcelerator, a Gartner mobile app developer leader, released a platform today that allegedly solves a pain point for mobile developers: integrating data into mobile apps. The Mountain View, Calif.-based provider released Appcelerator Arrow, a framework for building and running mobile-optimized APIs.

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  • Twin Prime Promises a Fast 'Wireless Mile' for Mobile Apps

    Idea conceived. Mobile app developed. Mobile app deployed. This is where Twin Prime promises to make things better. Its technology makes mobile apps faster, officials there promised. They disrupt the content delivery network (CDN) space better than anyone, including Akamai, who they particularly cited.

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  • Did Google Spill Your Domain Data All Over the Internet

    Did Google Spill Your Domain Data All Over the Internet?

    Live by exposure, die by exposure. It’s a hard lesson — and Google may have just learned it. According to Cisco security researchers, Google has inadvertently leaked the personal details and data of more than 282,000 domains registered through the company's Google Apps for Work service.

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  • HP and Oracle 2 Big Fish Play Nice Together

    HP and Oracle: 2 Big Fish Play Nice Together

    Sometimes the big boys play nice with one another, like Adobe and SAP. This week, HP and Oracle are playing nice -- or at least their technologies are. This is the tech world, after all, and vendors realize their customers use other vendors here and there.

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  • Is Microsoft Investing in a Google Android Competitor

    Is Microsoft Investing in a Google Android Competitor?

    Anyone who still thinks that Android is truly open source, move along, there’s nothing here for you.

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  • One Happy Family Marketing Messaging Apps and the IoT

    One Happy Family: Marketing, Messaging Apps and the IoT

    Marketing and creativity has typically gone hand-in-hand. But many of the marketing folks I know are also innovative — and strike me as far more Silicon Valley than Madison Avenue.  There's no argument that marketing departments want to get their messages in front of as many people as possible.

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  • What Enterprise Apps Could Learn From Consumer Apps

    Development of mobile apps for consumers and enterprise are two different animals. Consumer apps come from a broad range of sources, from individual hobbyists building Flappy Bird clones to publicly traded kings of the consumer app industry unleashing Candy Crush Sagas upon the workers of the world.

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  • Google for Work Puts Security in the Hands of Employees

    Microsoft may be making a lot of noise about additional security features in Office 365, but Google has been working away behind the scenes too, if perhaps in a less vocal way. Yesterday, it launched the Devices and Activity dashboard, which monitors Google accounts on enterprise devices.

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  • For Adobe's Mobile Marketing, It's Location, Location, Location

    Adobe's enhancing digital marketing mobile opportunities -- internally and externally. Adobe officials call the new capabilities, launched today, "Intelligent Location Marketing." Marketers can engage customers with in-app messages using technology that detects where they are, or iBeacons.  The real-time engagement activities can be followed with email campaigns that leverage intelligence

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  • Office 365 Dominance Grows with New Markets

    Office 365 Dominance Grows with New Markets

    Microsoft is releasing Office 365 into another nine countries, bringing its total market penetration to 140 of 196 countries worldwide. The fact that you can now get Office 365 just about anywhere there is a business culture is not surprising. But the pace at which it has developed is startling.

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