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  • exercise bike for three

    Collaboration is an Inside-Out Exercise

    For several years now, organizations — across industries — have been shifting away from top-down, command-and-control organizational structures in recognition that employees need to feel more empowered and autonomous in order to increase motivation and engagement.

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  • Inquisitive cow

    Grab the Collaboration Bull by the Horns

    The promises of collaboration entices many organizations, but it's not always the holy grail that it seems. Investments end up simply being written off and the initial enthusiasm fades to just a whimper.

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  • Let Your Social Collaboration Use Cases Lead the Way

    Let Your Social Collaboration Use Cases Lead the Way

    For many organizations, the move towards social collaboration is entirely grassroots-driven. Pockets of employees find a tool which meets their need, and suddenly the organization is faced with many different, unsupported technologies.

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  • The ROI Conundrum: Making the 'Impossible' Possible

    For all the hype and enthusiasm about social collaboration and the rhetoric about the potential it has to bring about huge changes in the way an organization operates, it remains extraordinarily hard to find good examples of where a business can justify its investment in clear financial terms.

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