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  • three co-workers looking at a laptop

    Employee-Driven Design: Creating an Engaging Digital Workplace

    To guarantee your software is structured to ensure a positive UX you need to put the end-user’s experience first.

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  • inflating a hot air balloon

    Microsoft Expands Its SharePoint Hybrid Vision

    The year and a half between the inaugural Microsoft Ignite conference in 2015 and Ignite 2016 shed new light on the debates surrounding SharePoint on-premises versus cloud.  During that period, Jeff Teper returned to oversee the combined SharePoint and OneDrive organizations as corporate vice president.

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  • message in a bottle

    How SharePoint Messaging Has Evolved

    On March 14, a.k.a. Pi Day, Microsoft announced the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of SharePoint 2016. While the announcement has made the rounds, the community continues to wait for the virtual launch event and General Availability (GA), scheduled for May 4.

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  • SPTechCon Austin

    Listening to the SharePoint Community #SPTechCon

    Hundreds of SharePoint-focused admins, collaboration experts, developers and business stakeholders packed the room yesterday at SPTechCon Austin  to listen to a keynote from Seth Patton, senior director of product management for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive and Chris McNulty, senior product marketing manager for SharePoint and Office 365.

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  • reading a map

    Reading Into Microsoft's Roadmap

    2015 was a year of transition for Microsoft.  It was a transition to embody the "Cloud First" promise of acting like a smaller company: iterating features at a faster pace and opening communications directly to users. And we can see signs of that evolution in Microsoft's online roadmap. Guiding Success The roadmap isn't new, but the level of transparency within it is. This transparency represents lessons learned from Yammer’s client facing communications strategies.  In this roadmap, Microsoft provides insight into canceled features, features in development, what's rolling out, what’s been released in preview and what has been successfully launched.

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  • running dog

    Data Speeds Efficiency with Office Graph

    We, as consumers, intentionally hand over our data and behavioral patterns to commercial entities like eBay, Google and Facebook. We derive value from this exchange through easy access to personal email, quickly connecting with friends, and identifying products that relate to our lifestyle.

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  • eating shortcake

    Digging Into the Multiple Layers of Cloud Value

    Confession: I have a sweet tooth. And my favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake. So what is strawberry shortcake doing in an article about the value of cloud computing? Stay with me.

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  • Walking on clouds

    Getting Your Feet Wet with Cloud Possibilities

    In the decade since I started in technology, the conversations about whatever is the technology flavor of the week have not gotten any easier.

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