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  • News Bites: Picturepark's 6-Month Trial, Nuxeo Offers and More

    Summertime, and the news is flowing. This week: ImpressPages CMS updates, Kalamuna releases Kalabox, Google Hangouts offers a start button and 3CLogic goes 720 degrees with Zendesk. Plus: Extole rebuilds its referral platform, Picturepark provides six-month full trials, Nuxeo gives birth to Nuxeo.

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  • Anydo ToDo for Web Planiswares Updated PM More To-Do for Web, Planisware's Updated PM, More

    Summer's nearly here, and the news is sprouting up. This week: unveils a browser-version of its to-do list app, 3CLogic and Lime Light CRM partner for a more complete view of customer interactions, and GM Voices helps SpeechStorm localize itself.

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  • News Bites Google Smart Lists Contact Center Tips More

    News Bites: Google Smart Lists, Contact Center Tips, & More

    And now, the news. Google gets Smart Lists, Sysomos integrates with Clarabridge, Bulldog gets Boosted, and 3CLogic goes 5.0. Also in the headlines: multichannel contact centers get tips, addresses get corrected, reps need to know what they need to know, and Clari offers a new mobile sales productivity platform.

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