Harmon.ie just announced the release of its 2016 version, which supports Microsoft Office 2016 and anticipates SharePoint 2016.

It focuses on enhanced structured collaboration through capabilities that Microsoft added to Office 2016, including file storage, synchronization and sharing, real time document collaboration on the desktop, access to Office 365 Groups and intelligent content filtering with Delve.

Harmon.ie creates a contextual, single-app activity stream of multiple cloud services from enterprise cloud vendors including Microsoft and Salesforce.com across mobile devices and desktop computers.

When Microsoft released Office 2016 in September, it addressed collaboration at two different ends of the enterprise spectrum: ad hoc collaboration that enables users to create groups (without IT involvement) to share inboxes, calendars and storage; and structured collaboration related to Office 2016, SharePoint taxonomy and collaborative work across devices.

“We continue to develop by enhancing the structured experience by enabling people to easily add metadata to documents, search for information, use emails as documents of records. We will continue to provide and augment these capabilities over the coming months,” said David Lavenda, co-founder and VP of marketing and product strategy at harmon.ie.

What's in the New Release

The new harmon.ie release offers access to the different elements in an enterprise Microsoft environment, including Office 365, Yammer and OneDrive for Business through an upgraded single screen across desktop and mobile devices. It also comes with the addition of Mac support.

There are three principal improvements:

SharePoint repositories: It turns SharePoint into a single central repository for email and documents. Users can drag email directly from Outlook 2016 into the harmon.ie SharePoint sidebar. From there it stores them as documents that save the emails headers.

SharePoint Team sites: This release offers metadata support for  both mobile devices and desktops. The metadata allows SharePoint Online or on-premises to act as the basis for key business tasks like managing records, clients, cases, projects and more.

Offline mobile access: Harmon.ie offers secure offline access to documents, email, tasks, calendars, announcements, contacts and wikis. It also provides secure mobile access to Office 2016 and Office 365 through mobile device management partnerships with the likes of Citrix, BlackBerry and Samsung.

Harmon.ie plans to continue to add new capabilities to this release as Microsoft reveals more of the finished SharePoint 2016 online and on-premises product.