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Customer Experience Decoded is CMSWire's semi-monthly podcast designed to deliver insights from leaders driving the evolution of customer experience, with an emphasis on digital touch points, customer journeys, respectful data management and voice of the customer.

Each episode is designed to help you better understand how industry leaders are managing customer experience and the value these practices can bring to your customers' and employee's daily lives.

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About the Hosts

Rich Hein

Based in Sunny Florida, Rich Hein is Head of Content and Audience Strategy for CMSWire. He has worked in digital technology publishing for nearly two decades, connecting readers with content that matters to them. Rich creates and implements editorial strategy and works cross-functionally with marketing to serve and build CMSWire's audience of over 250,000 unique monthly visitors.

Dom Nicastro

Dom Nicastro has covered the digital customer experience and digital employee experience spaces since he began with Simpler Media Group full-time in January of 2014. He regularly serves as emcee at his company's two industry events and as moderator for SMG webinars. On the side, Dom is a sports-talk radio host for an FM station out of the Boston area. Prior to Simpler Media Group, Dom was a journalist at a healthcare publishing company and served as editor of his hometown's daily newspaper, the Gloucester Daily Times in the North Shore region of Massachusetts.

Recent Episodes

Poor and failed brand, marketing and service experiences can naturally make or break a brand in what many call the experience economy. Customers can be creeped out as a function of personalized online marketing. Customers can have perceptions of dark/negative brand personalities.

Brands need to consider being authentic and sincere and engaging in storytelling as a premium service. Not just for the sake of storytelling, but because that's backed up by your internal mission where employees buy into that story as well.

Mansur Khamitov, assistant professor of marketing at the Kelley School of Business in Indiana University, shared those and other brand strategy and marketing tips based on his in-depth research in the latest CX Decoded Podcast with co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire.

Amy Shioji, SVP of strategy and customer experience at Strategic Education, the parent company of Capella and Strayer Universities joins the CX Decoded podcast to talk about how her multi-pronged approach to customer experience is helping today's students meet their goals.

Holly O’Neill leads client care for Bank of America’s 66 million consumer and small business clients. Like all other customer experience practitioners over the last 20 months, she has faced her share of challenges in her role as Bank of America's president of retail banking.

In this episode, she joins the CX Decoded podcast to share the lessons learned while delivering highly personalized experiences for users both online and in-person and leading teams focusing on meeting banking customers where they manage their finances.

In the world of digital CX software, Tom Wentworth's been there, done that. Wentworth, now the chief marketing officer for cybersecurity company Recorded Future, Wentworth caught up with the CX Decoded Podcast to discuss marketing tactics, marketing leadership and his view on the evolution of the digital customer experience software space.

In this episode of CX Decoded, Stephanie Moritz, chief marketing and communications officer at the American Dental Association (ADA), talks about the challenges and opportunities brought on by the pandemic. And how now, the hard work begins again, as marketing leaders take on the new challenge of leading teams in a hybrid working world that is still on many levels grappling with the pandemic.

Google's made some big moves regarding third party cookie tracking and one organization that has been an outspoken critic of Google's post third-party cookies plans is Marketers for an Open Web (MOW). In this episode, James Rosewell, director of MOW, shared his thoughts and his group's concerns with the tech giant's plans and offers alternatives to support what his group feels is a more open web.

There is a lot going on in the world of B2B marketing and a growing list of challenges. If you’re a marketer, there’s a clear delineation between your target audience, you’re either marketing to another business or to a consumer. And those segments comes with some extraordinarily different needs and approaches.

Tim Greulich, managing director at Deloitte Digital, has been laser-focused on B2B marketing strategies, producing research on the topic and, with his colleagues, coming up with some key pillars for effective B2B marketing. Today he joins the team at CX Decoded to share his insights.

Most organizations strive to have an excellent customer service program. Or we hope, at least. But it's one thing to talk about strong customer experience, and it's certainly another to act on it and measure it, especially in terms of how it adds value to the company proving ROI. Measuring CX and its return on investment still remains a challenge today.

According to data from CMSWire's State of Digital Customer Experience 2021 report CX leaders are not satisfied with their ability to quantify the impact of CX on business metrics and outcomes. It's incredibly challenging to provide bottom-line results and value for CX programs.

CMSWire's CX Decoded podcast co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro caught up with customer experience practitioner Katrina Schiedemeyer, senior engineer of supplier development engineering at Oshkosh, to discuss proving ROI and the impact of CX metrics.

Marketing like many other disciplines went through a year of duress in 2020. COVID-19 had a major impact on businesses everywhere: brand loyalty, marketing strategies, budgets, brand messaging, striking the right tone. Everything was up-ended, not to mention the move to remote work and job losses for marketing teams. And on top of that, simply worrying about the health and well-being of family, friends and co-workers.

There's hope, though. Global vaccinations are in effect. And marketers are showing signs of optimism, according to findings in the 26th annual CMO Survey, run by Christine Moorman, Austin Finch, senior professor of Business Administration at Duke University and a CMSWire contributor.

Moorman discussed these findings and others with CMSWire's Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro for the latest CX Decoded podcast.

There's no denying the adoption of smart voice assistant technologies into people's homes. According to a 2021 Statista report, shipments of smart speaker units were at an all-time high in the fourth quarter of 2020. But how do marketers and customer experience professionals leverage these technologies for voice content experiences that support their brand? How do they embed voice content into their digital experience programs?

CX Decoded invited voice-content expert, and CMSWire contributing author, Preston So, to cut through the noise, discuss successful case studies and dig into the challenges facing the modern marketer.

Marketers are at the forefront when it comes to taming the martech chaos and ensuring tools support business objectives and positive business outcomes. What's the right toolset? Should we have a marketing cloud at the center of our martech stack? Should we build with a best-of-breed approach? Is a homegrown stack the right approach?

Anita Brearton, founder, CEO and Co-CMO of CabinetM, a marketing technology discovery and management platform joins the CX Decoded podcast crew to discuss the best ways to get your arms around your organization's martech stack.

The use case for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace is there. For marketing and customer experience, in particular, organizations are using AI and machine learning to improve internal business processes and workflows, automating repetitive tasks and to improve customer journeys and touchpoints, among other use cases.

Joining the podcast this episode, CEO of the Marketing AI Institute and PR 20/20, Paul Roetzer, to discuss the ways marketers are successfully implementing AI into their marketing campaigns and workflows.

All relationships are built on trust whether you're talking about the people you meet in the course of your life or the brands and the relationships they build with their customers. In fact, according to data from Edelman in 2019 prior to the pandemic, 81% of customers buy based on trust.

Having consumers trust your brand has always been an important factor in customer experience success, but the past 15 months has definitely amplified things. In fact, Experian’s global research from July 2020 showed that 52% of customers who felt that businesses treated them fairly during the pandemic plan to give those companies more of their business.

In this latest edition of our CX Decoded podcast, co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire discuss building customer trust with customer service and customer experience expert Shep Hyken, chief amazement officer at Shepard Presentations.

We like our phones. Americans spend about five hours a day on their mobile devices. The number of mobile internet users in the United States has steadily increased, reaching an all-time high of over 274 million users in 2020. Further, over 50% of total website traffic in the U.S. originated from mobile devices in early 2020, right before COVID-19 related shutdowns started to take shape across the country.

No shock to the experienced marketer and customer experience practitioner, this means that your customers are out there with their mobile devices. They’re doing things like researching products, reading reviews, shopping, spending time on social media and, yes, even making phone calls. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, forcing many organizations to pivot on a dime and go all in on digital.

Naturally, building a mobile-first mindset did not start with the pandemic. However, the past year has accelerated mobile usage and forced brands to be mobile-ready with things like curbside pickup and online orders. In other words, usable, scalable and measurable apps equals a good thing for brands.

To help us discuss mobile-first culture and the brand-customer connection, Francisca Hawkins, VP of digital and technology for Philz Coffee joins Rich and Dom on this episode of CX Decoded.

The challenges for the marketing department in the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic have been many: striking the right brand tone, dealing with trimmed budgets and, most of all, staying relevant and keeping their jobs.

Forrester predicted 469,000 marketing jobs would be lost in the US by the end of 2020 in one forecast. Marketers maybe more than ever need to prove their worth. They need to shed bad habits, reduce inefficiencies and nail it when it comes to submitting the right tone in brand messaging.

In this episode of CX Decoded, we caught up with Nicole France and Liz Miller from Constellation Research. While currently analysts and researchers now, they are marketers at heart, having served in marketing roles in the past. They'll share their thoughts on overcoming the bad marketing habits and processes we are all dealing with today.

What have the past 12 months done for digitally-enabled products? Accelerated their portfolios by seven years, according to a McKinsey Global Survey of executives.

Never before has there been this quick of a digital transformation effort to modernize business processes, supply chains and workflows like we saw over the past year. And digital business is still evolving.

While the workplace saw large-scale adoption of remote work, brands saw huge shifts in customer behavior that had all organizations playing catch-up. According to a Harris Poll report released March 15, The Great Awakening: A Year in the Life in the Pandemic, eight in 10 American consumers plan to shop online in some fashion, even when the COVID-19 global pandemic comes to an end. Further, 64% of shoppers say they plan to continue to use less cash, and (48%) don't want to touch cash anymore.

All of these findings point to continued digital transformation as a bottom-line impact on business processes and brand strategy. The good news is we caught up for this latest edition of the CX Decoded podcast with an executive who already lived this kind of digital transformation — Adam Brotman, former chief digital officer at Starbucks. Brotman is now the CEO of startup Brightloom, a customer growth platform.

GDPR, CCPA, CPRA … it’s enough to make a marketer’s head spin. At the time of this recording, three US states have enacted comprehensive consumer data privacy laws, and more are likely on the way. And that’s not to mention the possibility of a US federal privacy law.

Are you tech ready? Is your marketing staff trained to handle personal-data requests from your customers and prospects who trust your brand to be compliant? How do your customers stand to benefit from your practices around these new laws?

In the latest CX Decoded Podcast, we’ll help marketers cut through the data-privacy haze with CMSWire’s Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro, who are joined by digital policy and data privacy expert Kristina Podnar.

Do you really want to live in a cookie-less world? Digitally, anyway, that’s the reality for marketers.

The impending demise of the third-party cookie will take one big bite out of a marketer’s tried and true go-to strategy. Marketers have used third-party cookies for decades to inform digital advertising and user experience by tracking information about visitors and their behavior when not on their actual

But it’s a new world when it comes to data privacy. And the tech giants are taking action. Apple and Google are making moves to support the termination of this type of data tracking on the web.

How can marketers adjust? Is the demise of third-party cookies actually a good thing for marketing strategy?

How can CX professionals adapt in light of these challenges?

Co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire and special guests Ratul Shah, head of product marketing at SAP, and Tim Hayden, the CEO of BrainTrust, discuss on this CX Decoded Podcast marketing in a cookie-less world.

Every company in the history of the business world likely would benefit from listening to their customers. The challenge today? Customers talk. A lot. And in many different ways and in many different media platforms.

It’s on their brands to listen — and act. If it were only that easy.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) technology has become a billion-dollar business for vendors. And it seems like a billion-dollar challenge for customer experience practitioners: how do I manage my VoC data, programs and, most importantly, make it actionable for better customer experiences? How do I create strong feedback loops? What impact did COVID-19 have on VoC in 2020 and what will be the priority for CX professionals in this arena in 2021?

Join co-hosts Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro of CMSWire and special guest Stephanie Thum, CCXP, founding principal of Practical CX, on this CX Decoded podcast to learn the latest strategies to boost VoC programs and thrive in a rapidly changing world economy.

Welcome to CMSWire's first podcast.

Everyone knows 2020 kicked digital customer experience into high gear. Businesses, even those whose primary model was brick-and-mortar, had to adapt digitally and fast because of COVID-19 precautionary lockdowns that shuttered stores and sent customers to digital shopping and communication experiences with their brands.

It was up to customer experience professionals to execute on these digital experiences. And it was anything but seamless.

Only 11% of CX professionals told CMSWire in its State of the Digital Customer Experience 2021 report that their tools are working well. Another 47% say they’re satisfactory, and 43% say they need work.

Furthermore, CX practitioners reported struggles with limited budget/resources (46%), siloed systems and/or fragmented customer data (37%), limited cross-department alignment/collaboration (34%), outdated/limited technology, operations or processes (29%) and lack of in-house expertise/skills (27%).

How can CX professionals adapt in light of these challenges?

Join Rich Hein and Sarah Kimmel of CMSWire and special guest Annette Franz, CCXP, founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., on this CX Decoded podcast for more insights on the yearly CMSWire report and how to better deliver digital customer experiences in 2021.

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